Fun with magic water beadsĀ 

Before Christmas I saw a Pinterest post about these magic water bead thingys and ordered a bag on eBay. They only cost a couple of quid, but took weeks to come. I had every intention of them being a stocking filler for Iris, but put them away and completely forgot about them. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from them, and kind of thought they might be a bit rubbish. Especially as they cost next to nothing. 

I was wrong. I put them in a bowl of water, following the instructions, and was surprised to find a couple of hours later that they had increased from the size of pin heads to the size of marbles and they had absorbed all of the water. I topped it up, and by the next morning they were even bigger! With a crawling baby sister, Iris doesn’t get much chance to play with sensory stuff. Astrid just eats it. The only safe place for things like play dough is the kitchen table, and during the week that’s where Trevor often works. I planned to wait until Astrid napped, but Iris was impatient and so I put a towel down and popped her in the bath. Iris loves these kinds of sensory activities, but I have no imagination to think them up since having her and being sleep deprived for so long. The water beads kept her busy for ages, pouring them from one container to another, sorting them into colours, and trying to squish them hard enough to make them pop (not easy!). They’re really firm and rubbery. If you really squash them (or stand on them!) they do burst and have a kind of jelly consistency inside. I have absolutely no idea what they’re made of or how they work, but I love them! I am glad I put her in the bathtub though, as there was quite a lot of mess! I don’t know if they’ll be good for another play, as they seem to be getting softer and mushier, but I’ve put them in a big glass jug on my kitchen windowsill. Until Iris wants to play again, they’ll be turning the sunshine into rainbows in my kitchen.