The new wheels 

With three kids, a big dog and another baby on the way it was about time we got ourselves a bigger car.  Once the baby arrives in January we won’t fit in the old Focus Estate. Actually we barely fit now. The dog wedges himself in the foot well under Iris’s seat because he will not go in the boot! 

It’s a twenty year old Mitsubishi Delica and has a fair few bumps and scratches, but it’s way cooler than any new people carrier. It’s a bit of a hippy wagon. We love it! 

It’s got 6 seats in the back, and the middle row turns right around so the kids can face each other! The windows are blacked out so nobody can see in, and it’s got air conditioning! The kids love it already and we haven’t even been anywhere in it yet. Being so high up takes some getting used to! 

I think it’s time to start planning some big van adventures!