New Blog Banner!

You may have noticed my fabulous new look blog! It’s pretty cool isn’t it?

The banner artwork was done by the fabulous Carly at Carly Watts Art and Illustration and working with Carly was just fabulous. We chatted by email for a while so she could get an idea of what I wanted, what colours I liked. I even sent over pictures of Seb and Iris! It was Carly’s idea to feature Trev and the big kids in the mountains! Can you spot them?

When I got the banner in my email inbox I was standing in Pontypridd bus station and I nearly cried! Happy tears, of course. It’s just so perfect for us and our lifestyle that I got a bit emotional.

I also have a portrait picture (that I’m using on twitter) and some social media buttons that I have no clue how to use yet.

I’ve also snaffled! How exciting!

Of course as soon as I made all of these changes I found myself with nothing at all to say and no time to write. It’s been a tough week here, as Trev has been working away. He left very early on Sunday morning and came back late last night. Iris hasn’t been feeling good either, so it hasn’t been much fun and I’m more tired than I’ve ever been. Back to normal service soon! IMG_5331.JPG
Carly’s work is just fabulous! I paid for my banner and portrait, and Carly didn’t ask me to write this. I just love her work and want to tell you all about it! If you fancy a new blog banner too, you can contact Carly on twitter at