The siblings project (July) 

As usual I have no pictures taken especially for the blog. Actually, I’ve barely even thought about this blog for a while. My mind has been full, and the world has been a mess, and I’ve not really been coping very well. Parenting is about the only thing that seems to being going well at the moment, and even that has tested me quite a bit recently. Keeping my cool when I have a toddler having a tantrum at the same time as a baby screams isn’t easy, and there have been a few times when I’ve failed. And I’ve yelled. The one type of parent I really really did not want to be is a yeller. But you can’t be calm all of the time. It’s not possible. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with losing your patience every once in a while. I’m just a human. 

Thankfully Astrid’s phase of never ending screaming actually does seem to have ended. She’s still very clingy, and will not be held by other people. She will rarely be put down either, meaning everything is such a mess and I’m so disorganised. I remember this feeling of losing control of everything from when Iris was a baby. I expected it but still can’t accept it. Second time around it harder, as Iris deserves my attention too. Astrid has a habit of demanding my full attention just as Iris decides to do something dangerous. Like climb onto the back of the sofa and jump off. 

They’re quite a pair. Astrid scans her surroundings constantly looking for Iris, and Iris talks to Astrid in a little cutie voice the way grown ups talk to babies. Sometimes Iris will say things like “baby Astrid is so beautiful” or “I love her baby Astrid” and my heart swells so much I can barely contain it. I have cried. Several times. 

I love watching their relationship grow and develop, and I’m looking forward to the days they can play together and chat to each other. They won’t get long to be a twosome before Iris will be heading off to school, so I must remember to fill as many days with opportunities for having fun as I can. 

The Me and Mine Project

The siblings project (May)

I’ve just decided to start taking part in the sibling project link up again. I have no pictures taken especially for this, but maybe it’s better that way. I take pictures of them together whenever I get a chance anyway. 

They are such a twosome already. I thought I’d be waiting quite a long while for them to really interact with each other, but they already do. They’re so close. Iris insists that ‘baby’ (she rarely calls her Astrid) joins in with everything, even though she can’t really join in yet. Astrid beams whenever and sees Iris and clearly adores her. I love to see them together.  Iris is forever kissing and cuddling Astrid and it’s just far too cute. 

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The Me and Mine Project

The Siblings Project (February) 


Little Iris has been a big sister for a whole month now, and has really taken to it! She’s incredibly affectionate, and wants to ‘cuggle’ her baby sister several times a day. Unfortunately it’s usually when I’ve just got Astrid to sleep! When Astrid cries, Iris says ‘aww baby, it’s ok’. It’s the cutest thing. It melts my heart every time. I’m imagining them growing up the closest of friends, as well as sisters. 

I think there are times when Iris struggles too. She’s obviously having some overwhelming emotions, and doesn’t always know how to handle them. Small things are making her very cross, and she sometimes gets upset when I can’t pick her up immediately. It’s hard to see, as she’s such a happy little soul usually. I’m not sure if the big change in her life is the cause, or it’s just a normal part of being a toddler. It could also be a lack of being outdoors! It’s been so cold out and it’s so tricky to get us all out of the house! 

I’ve had them napping together, at the same time, several times and seeing them asleep together is my favourite thing. They look so peaceful, and so sweet together. 

At first I thought they looked alike. It was striking, when I first saw Astrid. I remember thinking ‘oh wow, a tiny new Iris’. I was wrong though. Once the puffiness in her face went down after a few days she looked different. She looks like me! While Iris is a miniature female Trevor (in looks as well as personality!), Astrid has a lot more of me. I see Trevor too, he must have strong genes, but there’s definitely a bit of Mouse in there too! 



The Me and Mine Project

The Siblings Project (January) 


I’ve just this moment decided to join in with The Siblings Project over on, after seeing another couple of posts in the linky. It’s so important to me that I capture the relationship between Iris and Astrid as they grow. 
With only an 18 month age gap, Iris is still a baby herself really. It’s only been 5 days since the beginning of her adventures as a big sister but so far she seems to be enjoying it. Today is the first day she’s seemed a little overwhelmed, as we’ve been out and about visiting lots of Trevor’s family. Generally she’s incredibly gentle and often plants tiny gentle little kisses on her. I’m having a little trouble with the first days of breastfeeding, and having Iris leaning on me to get a better look at her sister is making it so much harder, but I couldn’t ask her to stop. I don’t want to push her out, ever. 
The Me and Mine Project