Yup, we got another cat. One was probably enough really, and  Margot really is very sweet, but being a cat lady is rather tricky with just the one cat. Plus look at this little face! I could not have just forgotten him once I saw him. 

Meet Galahad! 

   He’s just 8 weeks old and seriously tiny, but he seems to think he’s a great big lion. He has no fear of Margot or Seb at all and isn’t afraid to tell them off when they’re getting on his nerves. 
    He’s a much more snuggly cat than Margot, who has never really liked to sit in your lap and purr. Galahad likes to sleep on our shoulders, even as we walk around the house. I’m hoping he either grows out of that or doesn’t get too heavy! 



Just popping by to introduce….IMG_5242.JPG
Yes, we did. We got a kitten. As if we haven’t got enough going on already. My family always had cats and dogs together when I was a kid, and it was wonderful. I want the same for Iris. Hopefully Margot and Seb will grow up as best friends!

So far so good. He’s very curious about her, and apart from a few hisses she doesn’t seem particularly frightened of him.

We’ve already lost her once and found her hiding inside my wardrobe. Oh dear.