Our week in pictures #16

Another week!

I’m a day later than usual with this. I’m struggling to find some motivation! 

Last Friday was a super quiet day at home. It was a good rest before a busy weekend though. On Saturday we hopped in the van and visited my Grandad in Bath. It was his first time meeting Astrid, but Iris made him spend most of the visit playing with her. They had a good time with a sheet of bubble wrap! Afterwards we popped in to see my mum, and my niece and nephew who were staying there. They ran up and down for a bit while my mum chased after them! 

On Sunday we took Iris to the monthly outdoor playgroup in the park. It was dinosaur themed this month, and Iris and Trevor made a den for a dinosaur and some footprint ‘fossils’, then we all did a dinosaur trail in the trees. We followed that with a supermarket cafe lunch, and a quiet afternoon with Trevor watching the rugby. 

We were up early on Monday, so we went to playgroup. It’s been a while since we made it on a Monday morning! We didn’t do so well on Tuesday though, and stayed at home all day. Iris played with play dough and we did some baking. 

On Wednesday we went to crochet club but it was a quiet one and nobody did any crochet! It’s always nice to get out for lunch though. I bought some new shoes and jeans with my birthday money while we were in town. 

Thursday was breastfeeding group which was also pretty quiet this week. It’s been so cold here, I’m sure people are hibernating! 

We stayed in again yesterday and the health visitor came. Astrid gained a good amount of weight again and all is good. Her first vaccinations are on Tuesday and I’m dreading them! 

Trevor picked up the big girls last night, and we had a go at putting Iris to bed in their room. It didn’t go well! She kept pointing to the top bunk and saying ‘I go high?’  The girls were tired so we got her out and she slept in our bed instead. 

This morning Iris got me up early, so Trevor stayed in bed with Astrid and the big ones slept in too. Time for Peppa Pig and breakfast while we wait for everybody else to rise. We have a busy weekend ahead! 








Our week in pictures #15

Well it’s been a much better week than the last one, which is definitely a huge relief. It’s still had its moments though. I think I’m feeling a little bit blue, and I need to fight it because LIFE IS GOOD. 

After writing my last weekly update we trundled off in the pouring rain to the sling meet. I so love our local babywearing group! I sold the first woven sling I bought, back when Iris was really tiny. I feel a bit sad about it, but I never use it anymore. I have prettier slings now, and it’s too long for me anyway. I made up for it by buying a brand new sling. A gorgeous Firespiral in greeny-grey that has been converted into a ring sling. It’s amazing for getting babies up and down quickly, and I’ve already used it for both kiddos. My sister used it with my niece who is nearly 4! I even managed to walk around breastfeeding Astrid in it at the weekend. Definitely a good purchase. 

On Saturday we got up early and headed off to Bristol for a cafe breakfast with my closest friends (I miss you guys so very much!). Our kids played with their kids and we all had a great time. Then we met my sister and her family at Bristol Zoo. I absolutely love Bristol Zoo. I worked there years ago and miss it very much. I know people complain because it doesn’t have very many big animals but I can only see that as a good thing. The little creatures are just as much fun. We particularly like Bug World! Iris is a huge fan of the aquariums and aviaries. It was cold and wet, and we forgot the rain cover for the new pushchair, but we had a really fantastic day. There’s nothing I love more than seeing all of the kids together having fun. We stopped for Nandos on the way home, and it was the perfect way to end a fun day. A great early birthday treat for me! 

Sunday was spent visiting Grandma, where we had lunch in a lovely cafe followed by enormous slices of cake. Then we took the big two back to their mum. Sometimes it feels like they’ve only been with us for 5 minutes and we all feel quite sad when they’ve gone. Iris has learnt to say the biggest one’s name and keeps repeating it as if that’ll make her reappear. 

On Monday I turned 31 and it was not my best birthday ever. Looking back from the other end of the week I can see that I’d just let everything get on top of me. A busy weekend meant the house was trashed, I hadn’t slept, the babies were shouty, and I was completely overwhelmed. I just felt like crap. I definitely need to take better care of myself. Trevor took Iris out to the supermarket for a bit and me and Astrid went to bed. I felt a bit better and Trevor produced an enormous chocolate cake. After a big slice and a gin and tonic, my birthday was looking up a bit. I have the best boyfriend ever! 

On Tuesday I really wanted to spend my birthday money. I totally forgot that a new playgroup started in the village and took the  bus to one in town. Then I went shopping. And bought nothing. I’m terrible at buying clothes and shoes. I desperately need them but I can’t decide what I like and what suits me. My body has changed so much and I haven’t changed my wardrobe with it. I’m so confused about what to wear that I just give up. I need help! Instead I used some of Iris’s Christmas money to buy some new wooden puzzles. 

On Wednesday we went to crochet club again, but it wasn’t as cheerful as usual. A friend’s little baby boy is in hospital with meningitis, and we’re all worried sick. I cannot begin to imagine how they are feeling. I’m terrified and he’s not my baby. It’s just awful. I hope he recovers fully and quickly. 

Yesterday I got my haircut, while Trevor pushed the girls around the park trying to keep them asleep! Then we went to breastfeeding support group, where we all talked about meningitis and how terrifying it is. Iris had fun running up and down with her friends. 

Today is a pyjama day. The health visitor came to check up on Astrid, then we came upstairs where I am writing this in the middle of my bed with a sleeping baby on either side of me. A friend is coming over for a cuppa in a while. In the meantime I’m enjoying a moment of quiet. 

It’s Friday! Have a good weekend!   









Our week in pictures #14

It’s been a real toughie, this week. I’m so exhausted I just want to cry or get drunk.  I definitely need chocolate. 

The weekend was nice. We took Iris to the new ice cream parlour that has opened nearby and it was fabulous! Trevor watched quite a lot of rugby, and we had Iris’s feet measured for new shoes. Whenever she wears them she says they are hot and blows on them. I’m not really sure what to make of that. 

Monday and Tuesday were dreadful. Apart from a sunny but cold walk with the dog and the ToddleBike, we did nothing. Astrid cried all day long and I couldn’t calm her down. I couldn’t shower or eat or play with Iris. It was exhausting. Meanwhile Iris had constipation and kept getting upset. 

We managed lunch out and crochet club on Wednesday but only just. It was another hard exhausting day. In the evening Trevor picked up our new pushchair and we put it together. I’ve been excited for is arrival so it brightened up a bad day a little bit. 

Yesterday we got to breastfeeding group, but it was a struggle. The morning was awful and I nearly gave up. How do you get three of you ready and out of the house when you have a baby who screams constantly and a wild toddler who causes chaos? I can’t figure it out at the moment. 

Bedtime has been hard too. Trevor hasn’t been getting home in time, and I’m not sure how to get Iris to sleep while Astrid screams. It’s just not possible. 

Thank goodness it’s finally Friday. 

We have plans this weekend to celebrate my birthday, which is on Monday. I don’t really want to do any of it right now. I’d just like some time alone and a pint of gin. 





Our week in pictures #13 

 Wow, what a week! I’m so tired I feel like I could sleep for a month. 

On Friday last week the health visitor came and then Trev went to pick up the big two. Then on Saturday we were up early and off to Bristol, where we spent the afternoon in Bristol Aquarium. More about the aquarium here. Afterwards we had dinner in ZaZaBazaar to celebrate my mum’s birthday, which was extra lovely because my best friends came along with their two little ones. We were supposed to pick up Iris’s bag from another friend in Bristol (we left it behind at her house last week!) but we only remembered this when we were half way home! Oops! Being forgetful is just another symptom of never getting enough sleep. 

Sunday was quiet. We stayed at home, took the dog for a walk and played on the swings, and ate a roast dinner. I was tired and feeling frazzled and grumpy, so Trevor took the big two back to their mum on his own while I looked after the little two. 

On Monday I attempted to get the house in order by writing a to-do list and actually got most of it done! Even though both of the girls wanted cuddling all day, I still managed to be pretty productive. I left some big jobs (like putting things in the loft) for Trevor, who did them on Tuesday while me and the girls went to playgroup and had lunch in the cafe. We were joined by two of my friends and their kids, which was really nice. It’s so much easier when Iris has somebody to play with. 

We skipped crochet club on Wednesday as I was shattered after a rough night with Astrid. Also, Iris has been sleeping in her cot for most of the night, but wakes much earlier than when she’s in our bed. I’ve been downstairs at 5am with a toddler demanding toast way too many times this week! 

On Wednesday evening, my mum and my sister arrived with my niece and nephew for a sleepover! Trevor was working away, and they wanted to keep me company. The little ones were all still up and running around at 11pm! It was very tiring but a lot of fun! 

We took the two buses from home to Caerphilly on Thursday, and went for a walk around the castle. I’d heard there were ducks, and have been meaning to take the duck-obsessed Iris there for a while. Had I realised it was so close and such an easy bus journey, we would have been many times before! Although there were a handful of ducks, there were hundreds of huge geese and lots of swans! My mum and sister are both frightened of birds, so it was a nightmare for them. For Iris, who adores all kinds of birds, it was the best thing ever! She’s never had the chance to feed ducks before and had the best time giving them a load of stale bread. I’ll definitely be taking her back there lots in the Spring. After a late lunch in a supermarket cafe, we were back on the bus. Two of the three toddlers slept, and it was a peaceful journey home. Then they all set off back to Bristol and it was just us three again. We headed up to bed early, after a quick dinner of beans on toast, to get some sleep and wait for Trev’s late return. 

Today we’re waiting in for a health visitor, yet again, and rebuilding after having three toddlers work together to get out every single toy we own! We don’t have the big kids this weekend and don’t have much planned. Maybe we’ll have our first quiet weekend since Astrid came along! I could do with the rest. 

Have a good one! 














Our week in pictures #12

It’s Friday again! Hoorah! 

Last Friday we didn’t even get dressed. The health visitor came and weighed Astrid, who was above her birth weight! The midwife called and cancelled her visit, which is a shame as she could have discharged us from midwife care. 

Saturday was a hectic day. Trevor set off early for a speed awareness course (naughty Trevor!) and my mum drove over to pick me and the girls up for my nephew’s birthday party. She’s so kind to do that, drive for over an hour just to pick us up and drive all the way back again. The party went well. The kids all had a wonderful time, and Iris ate a ridiculous amount of cake. Trevor planned to meet us there, and he did eventually, but he had to call the breakdown people because he came out of the course to a flat battery in the van! After that party, we headed to another. A housewarming for a friend that I haven’t seen in quite a long time. It was lovely to see her and a few other friends too, but we didn’t stay long. Iris was so energetic and noisy! She didn’t even sleep all the way home despite it being quite late! We got home to discover that we’d left Iris’s new Peppa Pig backpack behind! 

On Sunday we went to the monthly play group in the park ran by a friend of mine (if you’re local, search Facebook for Growing Space Pontypridd!). Iris enjoyed making a bird feeder from a pine cone and hanging it from a tree in the park, then afterwards she had a puddle jumping competition with Trevor. Lots of the other children and parents ended up joining in, and it was wonderful! We had some fun in the play area afterwards, and then had a lazy afternoon at home. 

On Monday we stayed in for most of the day, and a midwife came and discharged us from their care. Then we headed into town and registered Astrid’s birth, followed by food shopping. 

We needed to get out and about on Tuesday, so we met some friends in the cafe. We also did some shopping. I bought the same jeans in two sizes because I wasn’t sure what size I’d need (turns out I’m the smaller size – whoop!) and Iris got a new Peppa Pig puzzle which she’s currently a bit obsessed with. 

Wednesday afternoon was spent at crochet club, where yet again I did no crochet whatsoever because Iris and Astrid kept me way too busy! It’s still such a fun afternoon though, hanging out with lots of other mums and kids. 

We went to breastfeeding group as usual yesterday, after taking Astrid to see the GP about her cough. I don’t know why I went really. I instinctively wasn’t worried about it, and didn’t think there would be much they could give her anyway. I was strangely worried the health visitor might think I was a crap mum if I didn’t. That’s so stupid. Anyway, her chest is clear and she’s fine. I was right. 

It’s Friday again. We’re waiting in for the health visitor and having a tidy up of the toys, which are all mixed up and in the wrong boxes again!

We’re off to Bristol again this weekend. Hooray! 

Have a good one! 






Our week in pictures #11

Last weekend was another busy one. We started it off with a quick trip to the park, as it wasn’t raining for a bit. Dry weather is such a novelty around here at the moment! Iris was grumpy and didn’t want to walk or play. Luckily the swings cheered her up! Then later at home we made mince pies (yes we know it’s January, but they were a present for grandma who already misses mince pies!) and the girls had a load of homework to do. Iris tore about and got upset that the girls were doing homework instead of playing with her. Me and Astrid managed a nap. 

On Sunday we had Sunday lunch in a pub in Abergavenny to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. It was nicer than our usual pub with much better veggie food, and I really enjoyed it. Of course Astrid slept and only woke when I was about to eat! 

On Monday my mum drove over the bridge to spend the day with us, which was great. Iris adores her now, since their night together  while I was in labour, and was so pleased to see her. We had lunch in a supermarket cafe, then headed to soft play to avoid the rain. Iris had a fantastic time going on the ‘big wee’ (the slide) and amazed me with how well she can climb. She’s not a baby anymore. When did that happen? 

On Tuesday we had a day at home. Trevor worked from home and it was nice to have him around. Iris and I made Peppa Pig cakes (from a packet mix – cheaters!) and did some arts and crafts stuff. We took a quick walk to the shop in the pouring rain with the trike, while Trev cuddled Astrid, but otherwise stayed in the warm and dry. 

Wednesday was a good day. Trev was out before we woke and home after bedtime. And we all survived! More about that here! 

Yesterday we were all awake before 5am! I’m not sure why Iris thought that was a good idea. I’ve been trying to figure her routine out so she sleeps better at night and doesn’t need a long lie in. Maybe she’s gone a bit too far the other way now! After a long morning nap, the three of us headed to breastfeeding support group. We grabbed lunch in Greggs on the way because we hadn’t had time to eat! We also spotted a Peppa Pig backpack in a charity shop window, and Iris is very pleased with her new nappy bag! 

Today is another day at home. The health visitor and midwife are both coming to see us, but as usual they could only give a vague idea of when they might arrive. I’m so glad it’s Friday! I can’t wait to have Trevor home for two days. We’ve got another very busy one planned though, which is unfortunate as I could do with a rest!   





Our week in pictures #10

An incredibly busy Friday of visiting each member of Trevor’s family in turn followed by picking the big girls up from school, gymnastics, a supermarket trip and dinner in Pizza Hut, turned into the laziest weekend at home. We spent lots of time watching Star Wars, playing with Christmas toys and just adjusting to being a family of 6. One of my highlights of the weekend was Iris breastfeeding her doll! I almost melted from how cute she is. I love that she’s watching me with Astrid and mimicking what I do. She’s so gentle and loving. I’m so very proud! 

Unfortunately on Saturday evening Iris came down with a cold. By bedtime she had a high temperature and a cough, and couldn’t sleep. Astrid slept fairly well, thankfully, but we were up much of the night with Iris. I was absolutely shattered by Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday night was worse, with Astrid coming down with the cold too. We were all a mess by Monday, and poor Trevor had to work. Thankfully he was working from home, but he was still really busy when he would much rather have been sleeping! Me and the girls had a very sleepy sort of day. We didn’t even get dressed. 

By Tuesday I’d had enough. I had to get out of the house. Of course just getting ready and out of the door took up most of the day. We had fun once we were out though. You can read about our first trip out without Trevor here.

On Wednesday morning we all struggled to get out of bed. It was almost 10 before we got up! We’d missed the start of playgroup, but did make it to the cafe for crochet club. I did very little crochet as Astrid wanted cuddles, but Iris had loads of fun with her friends. Trevor picked us up and we all fell asleep on the sofa while he took the dog for a walk. 

On Thursday morning we had to force ourselves out of bed at a reasonable time as Astrid had her newborn hearing test at the hospital. She got the all clear, and Trevor dropped the three of us off at the cafe for a quick lunch before breastfeeding group. We had a lovely afternoon with all of the booby mums and their children. Once Iris was in bed I settled down in the bath to get through a big chunk of my current book. I’m loving ‘Before I Go To Sleep’ by SJ Watson. I only wish I didn’t know that Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth play the main characters in the movie. I can’t imagine them in my own way, as I just see the famous actors. I wonder how I would have seen them in my mind if the actors weren’t on the front of the book. 

Today we’ve got both the midwife and the health visitor coming to see us, and I’ve woken up with a headache and very sore throat. It’ll be a calm day at home catching up with housework for us today. Well up until tea time when Trevor needs to pick up the big girls for the weekend. 

Have a good one!