Batpig and Captain Fuzzywuzzy


That’s what happens when you let kids name pets. You end up with a dog called Sebastian and these are the names they pick for the Guinea pigs. 

Actually I named the cats Margot and Galahad, so maybe I don’t have a point. 

For some reason we decided we don’t already have enough mouths to feed around here so we’d add some more. It was my idea actually. After seeing some newborn Guinea pigs on our most recent trip to Warren Mill Farm Park I was reminded of how sweet they are. I had a whole herd of them when I was a zoology student, many years ago. Before deciding to work with kids instead of animals I briefly toyed with the idea of specialising in rodentology. Rats and Guinea pigs were my favourites. They’re just so intelligent and sweet! 

Iris is madly in love with the ‘binny pits’ and insists they come out to play several times a day. They’ve settled in well to our ever growing family and the cats have mostly lost interest already (although they are obviously never alone together – eek!). 

For now they live in a cage on our living room floor, but that may well change. They’ll always live indoors though. I’ve never much fancied the idea of a mostly forgotten and freezing cold pet living in the garden, and Guinea pigs are very poorly suited to living in our weather conditions! 

Welcome to the family, piglets!