Baby Weight Diaries #9

It’s been a rough week. We’re struggling with sleep again and I’ve barely slept in days. I haven exercised at all because I feel so awful all of the time, and I’ve pretty much eaten whatever I wanted. I cooked a hugs healthy veggie sausage casserole that lasted 2 days though, and we’ve had a super healthy stir fry. So it hasn’t all been bad. I’ve been at the chocolate though. Oh well.
So I have no weight loss to report this week. I was pretty annoyed with myself to begin with but then I realised that I’ve still lost 6lb in January, so far. If I can shift another pound in the next few days that’ll be half a stone. In a month. That’s pretty good, I think. So fingers crossed we all have a better week. With some sleep. And less chocolate.

*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*


Baby Weight Diaries #8

It’s been a fairly good week, food-wise, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. With Trev too, actually. We’ve had some very healthy dinners this past week! Unfortunately I also had cake yesterday. Oops. Being really good all of the time is just boring though, isn’t it? If I deprive myself completely all of the time I’ll get fed up and give up. A little bit of cake is a good thing.

A couple of years ago (almost to the day) I fell over on ice on my way to work. I hurt myself quite badly and spent the whole day in A&E. On my way there I saw a bus crash. I had weeks of pain and (very expensive) osteopath appointments, and now I’m quite frightened of icy ground. So I haven’t yet been running still, as it’s been pretty frosty here. It’s even lightly snowed a few times. I had to do something though, so I started the ’30 Day Shred’. I had amazing results with it a few years ago and it’s good fun too. I’ve done the first 2 days, although both times I had to stop halfway through and start again because Iris filled her nappy. I don’t think she’s a fan of Jillian. I missed a day yesterday because we spent the whole day at the zoo, and today I’m doing the Kangoo Jump class again.
I finally reached the first of the 10 weight loss milestones this week! I’m pretty pleased with that. I’m 10% done. Woo!
Weight lost this week: 1.8lb

Total weight loss: 6lb

Weight still to lose: 46.8lb
I’m pretty happy with how things are going. It’s slow, I know, but slow and steady weight loss is the best kind. It makes it so much easier to keep it off. I naturally lose a bit of weight when the weather gets warmer anyway, and always seem to carry more when it’s cold. If I lose another pound by the end of January and continue to lose half a stone a month I’ll be a very happy mouse. I can see that I’ve slowed down slightly but that doesn’t really matter. As long as the numbers go down and not up, all is good. I already feel so much better and healthier and have a lot more energy. 2015/01/img_1111.jpg
*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*


Baby Weight Diaries #7

It hasn’t been a brilliant week. I dared to mention how sleep has improved for Iris and us, and I think I should have kept it to myself. Iris is up to her old tricks. I haven’t slept in 2 days, so to be fair this isn’t a bad weight loss.

I could have tried harder though, I’ll be honest. I don’t feel like exercising. I’m bloody tired. I may go to Kangoo Jump again tonight, but I also might not. I might just go to bed instead.

I’m longing to run, but by the time Trev is home to have Iris it’s really dark. I just don’t feel safe. Roll on the lighter evenings. In the meantime I’m going to work hard on a nap routine for the babe so that I can get the workout DVDs out and get sweaty at home.

Fingers crossed for more sleep and more weight lost next week.


Weight lost this week: 1.2lb

Total weight loss: 4.2lb

Weight still to lose: 48.6lb


*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*


Baby Weight Diaries #6

It’s been a funny week. Not funny in a good way. However, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve eaten well, avoided snacks, and even done some exercise. I’ve been for my first run of the year, which was spoilt a bit by a big scary Rottweiler chasing poor Seb. It was muddy and wet though, and I kind of like running in those conditions. I’ve only managed just the one run, because I hate to run in the dark and I can’t run til Trev is home. Once the evenings are lighter I’ll start the ‘Couch to 5k’ app up again. In the meantime I’ll just run when I can. I also downloaded an app called ‘Seven’ that has 7 minutes workouts and works on the theory that 7 minutes a day is all you really need to be fit and healthy. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that it’s easier to snatch 7 minutes than to go to the gym. It’s a good app too. It may have only been 7 minutes long, but last night’s workout left me feeling like I’d worked most of my body.

I’m actually surprised my weight loss isn’t more, because I feel slimmer. I’ve lost that bloated feeling, and I feel lighter on my feet. My jeans aren’t so tight either.

Tonight I’m off to a Kangoo Jump class, assuming Iris and the tooth breaking through her gum can manage without me for a bit. Kangoo Jump involves wearing boots with bouncy things on the bottom and, I assume, jumping all over the place. The instructor claims it burns 1000 calories per hour! I’m trying to find the chest strap for my Garmin GPS/heart rate monitor watch so that I can measure how many I actually burn.

So. This week.


Weight lost this week: 3lb

Total weight loss: 3lb

Weight still to lose: 49.8lb


I’ve started from scratch with the Happy Scale app, and reset it to 0lb lost, so my statistics will just be for 2015 now. I’ve changed my weight loss into just 10 milestones this time. They’re small enough. 20 tiny ones wasn’t really working out for me.

*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*

Baby Weight Diaries #5

So I gained weight at Christmas, just as I thought it would. I gained more than I’d lost, which wasn’t expected. So I’m restarting. And I’m sticking to it. Really I am. My reflection in the mirror makes me feel horrible. I have to do this. I have 52.8lbs to lose to get to my ideal weight. I don’t mind if I don’t quite make it to that point. I always expected to be slightly heavier permanently after having a baby. But I must get most of that weight off. I really have to.

Also, I’m going to run. I’m going to do a 5k Race for Life this summer. I have to. For my Nanny. I’m going to do lots of exercise, including my faithful old Davina DVDs and the 30 Day Shred.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing every Thursday. Having to admit on here that I’ve been terrible and not lost any weight is a good motivator.

Baby Weight Diaries #4

I’m not making excuses. Ok, yes I am. I haven’t even weighed myself in days. I haven’t been eating badly or excessively, but I haven’t really been thinking about it. It’s been a car-in-the-garage-dog-to-the-vets-and-baby-to-the-doctors kind of a week. On top of that, Trevor is in Spain working. Back today, thankfully. Iris has a chest infection and a course of amoxicillin, as well as eye drops that she really really hates. I know she hates them because she screams and flails about when I put them in. The dog has got an infection where he cut his foot last weekend and has antibiotics too. The cat has started pooping where she shouldn’t, despite being perfectly house trained just a few days ago. We’re getting a lot more sleep, thankfully, so it’s not all bad.

Next week I’ll do better. I really mean it this time. IMG_5894.JPG

Baby Weight Diaries #3

It’s been a bloody awful week. I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to sleep.
Look at that. 2029. That’s when the app predicts I’ll finish this. Sigh. IMG_6033.PNG

I can only assume that sleep deprivation messes with my metabolism, or that watching box sets all night long doesn’t burn as many calories as sleeping. I’ve actually been pretty good with my food so that’s the only explanation I have. I feel glum. This weight gain just makes me feel more glum.

*images cropped from screenshots of the Happy Scale App*