Decluttering with Marie Kondo – part one 

Tuesday 3rd January 

Before Christmas, I read the Konmari book and started on the big clear out of our house. And I was really enjoying it. I think that’s what inspires people, because, lets face it, the book is mostly silly waffle. But for the first time, sorting through the mountains and mountains of junk we’ve hoarded is enjoyable. I’m focussing on what we’re keeping instead of what we’re discarding. I’m keeping things that ‘spark joy’. Things that genuinely make us happy. So far my focus has mainly been on downstairs, but this morning I took a look at my bedroom. It looked like this. Iris was at nursery for a couple of hours, and Astrid had a nap so I made a start. I’m nowhere near finished but I’m so pleased with how my bed looks this evening. It’s all clean and brand new and made, with no laundry piles and no heaps of scrunched up bedding. The clear surface at the bottom of the bed brings me more joy than it probably should, and I’m just madly in love with my new bedding. The only thing I’d change is the Twirlywoos pillow and duvet that I keep on my bed, but that has to stay because Iris sleeps with me and she likes her own covers. I can live with that because just look at how cool my new bedding is! I’ve had my eye on it on the Asda website for a while, so when I saw that they’d put it in the January sale I had to have it. It’s the best £9 I’ve ever spent, and it doesn’t mean I’ve failed my ‘no shopping’ resolution because things that genuinely make me really happy don’t count! 

Thursday 5th January 

Ta-da!! It’s slow progress, but it’s progress. There’s a very small window on Tuesday and Thursday morning while Iris is at nursery and Astrid has a nap, but then she wakes up and it’s game over. This’ll do for now. 

Saturday 7th January 

Trevor took the girls out for most of today, and I’ve done some serious decluttering. The only trouble is that although I’ve got loads of stuff bagged up ready to leave the house (to be donated or passed on or given back to whoever I borrowed it from) it still has to stay in my house in the meantime. So I’ve finished my bedroom (apart from under the bed and the tops of the wardrobes, which is mostly Trevor’s stuff so I need his help) but I’ve still got one big pile of stuff in the corner. All of it will be leaving here gradually in the next week or so, but in the meantime it’s just going to have to sit there. I’m really pleased with my progress in this room. We don’t have a bathroom upstairs so visitors never really go up there. This has become our excuse for just taking things up and dumping them so they’ll be out of sight. In reality, we just have far too much stuff. I can’t wait to reach a point where everything we own has a place and returns to its place. I hate moving piles of junk around the house.  The worst corner of the bedroom has gone from this……to this….…which doesn’t look like a great change on the surface. But that whole pile is leaving, very soon. The best part is that I can now use my gorgeous reading chair for actual reading. I’m never letting it become a dumping chair ever again. 


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