The art of tidying up

I am rubbish at keeping on top of things around the house. It does not come naturally to me. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when it is tidy and I am on top of things. I’m just not organised enough to keep it there. 

Kids don’t make it easy either. One of them needs me, or food, or changing, or somebody to play with. Constantly. I’ve now reached a point where I don’t have a little tiny baby or a big pregnant belly for the first time in three years though, and with Iris spending two mornings a week at nursery and Astrid sleeping much better, I finally feel I can tackle it. 

We need a massive declutter. Our house isn’t cluttered enough to make it on to one of those TV shows about hoarding. I’m not naturally a hoarder. I used to move house a lot when I was single, and it made sense to travel light. Trev has been in the house a long time though, so has acquired quite a lot of stuff. Plus there’s all the baby stuff, the outgrown clothes, and the toys. Oh, and my craft stuff. I own a lot of yarn. 

So I’ve made a start. Trevor doesn’t really know what to make of it, but I think he’s enjoying the results. I didn’t really start out with a plan, I just started. The toys in the living room were the biggest hurdle so I started there. We had so many toys in our alcove (that kind of acts like a teeny tiny play room) that nobody had played with in years. Three huge bin bags full actually. I’ve snuck them out to the charity shop to avoid any children claiming that something they never play with has become their most favourite toy ever. The baby toys and rattles filled another bag which went to my sister for my tiny niece. Broken toys, of which there were many, went in the recycling. 

Next came the various other piles of junk around the room. Some things were kept, but moved away. I’m trying to sell some stuff. 

My living room looks great! We actually have bare surfaces, and a place for everything to live. I can see the pictures on my mantelpiece because there is no clutter in front of them. The children can easily get to their toys and can find things quickly as they know where everything lives. 

Now I’m addicted. 

I keep coming across things that I didn’t know were bugging me and just doing them. Not putting them off. 

Seriously, it’s amazing. Try it! I want to get the whole house done by Christmas, but that’s probably not realistic! 


6 thoughts on “The art of tidying up

  1. I’m a bit like you in that keeping things tidy doesn’t come all that naturally to me but I do like it on the rare occasion that the house is tidy! Usually just one room at a time in our case as I live with five of the messiest people on earth! Ha! There is definitely something about this time of the year that brings out nesting urges though. I’ve just done a sneaky charity shop trip myself 😉


    • I live in a houseful of messy people to. It’s impossible to keep on top of things because they work faster than I do! I am finding it doesn’t get as messy when there’s less stuff though, so I’m trying to focus on decluttering at the moment. I’ve recycled and donated about 30 bin bags full I think. They house gave a groan of relief! There’s still more to go too. Why do we never chuck anything away?? I like a tidy house. Clear surfaces and not much stuff on display makes me happy. It rarely happens though!


  2. Oh my word, I could have written this … actually, I’ve written it, it’s just still in my head waiting to be transmitted to my blog …. our clutters are sucking the life out of me and I just really desperately need to get rid. I find it time-consuming, especially with my big bump and all the discomfort that brings. Yet, it’s got to be done. I’ve made a start too and I’m sending you lots of best wishes as you work through yours. Clear and tidy feels so much better, doesn’t it. 🙂


    • Have you read the Marie Kondo book? It’s wafty, but it really inspired me. I highly recommend it. I lack the time too. If I leave the kids for more than a few minutes they attach themselves to my ankles until I play with them! It’s slow progress, but every time a bin bag goes to the charity shop I really feel a spark of joy!


  3. I had a few days like this last week, I gutted a whole cupboard full of toys and cleared the rooms, three days later I am living in a mess as my little lady isn’t too well and hoovering can wait.


    • It feels like you take one step forward and then two steps back, doesn’t it? Definitely need to prioritise the kids, especially when they’re poorly, but there’s not much spare time. You can’t just ignore them and get in with it, so it just doesn’t get done very quickly at all.


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