Caketoppers – A review

Photo 05-10-2016, 19 28 09.png

Oh how I love cake. It must be hereditary too, because both my little ones are obsessed with it. I try to limit it to special occasions, but I have to admit that Iris does have a ‘cake dance’ and loves a trip to a cafe for a slice of cake. Oops. Obviously, when I was offered the opportunity to try out some personalised cakes I didn’t hesitate. Yes please! I chose two images for my icing, and a few days later my cupcakes arrived. 

There was something a bit strange about seeing the faces of my kids in sugar form, but I got over it quite quickly. The autumn sun has been shining here, and so we packed the cupcakes up and headed to the park for a picnic. 

Shop bought cupcakes can be dry and a bit tasteless, especially chocolate flavour ones. But these were squishy and soft and not dry at all. I received one white sponge and one chocolate one. 

I’ll be honest, I only got a small nibble of each before Iris and Astrid decided they deserved them more. Iris thought seeing her face on a cake was pretty funny, and took some persuading to actually eat the icing. She kept trying to peel it off! I’m not a big fan of thick icing. Kids birthday cakes have way too much for me, and I usually leave it behind. Cake toppers use much less, a good amount but not too thick. 

The quality of the printed pictures was pretty good. I’ve only seen photographic cakes done by supermarket bakeries before, and these were better. I’d definitely order them again, for birthday presents or for parties. I think they’d make a good gift for new parents too! Baby cakes! 

Caketoppers cakes are available to order from 

*we were gifted two cupcakes for the purposes of this review, but all opinions and photographs are my own* 


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