The SnoozeShade – a review 

Frustratingly, my SnoozeShade arrived the day after our day at the Royal Welsh Show in a heatwave. Astrid isn’t a fan of hot weather and sunshine, and it really would have been a lifesaver that day. Still, the heatwave lived on for a while afterwards (hard to believe now, as a storm is currently raging outside my windows!) so it has been incredibly useful. 

I’m a bit of a collector of pushchairs lately. I have two single ones, and I use them with both kids. I wear Astrid when Iris wants to have a rest, and Astrid goes in the pushchair when Iris wants to walk. There’s often a lot of swapping and changing about, so I was relieved to find that I didn’t have to remove the Snooze Shade completely every time. It was just a case of undoing the bottom two of the Velcro bands that hold it in place, then rolling it up onto the pushchair’s canopy. Once it is on the canopy it’s like it isn’t even there, and it doesn’t get in the way at all. In fact move still got it attached to my pushchair and the sun is long gone. I just forgot it was on there. 

When it is done up, the Snooze Shade blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, according to Snooze Shade. This really gave me peace of mind, especially when one of my kids was asleep in the pushchair and applying sun cream would have disturbed them. It meant I could carry on with my day instead of finding some shade to park them in. There’s a small zip at the top that can be used to take a peek at your little one without disturbing them, as well as a flap that changes the front of the Snooxe Shade to one layer instead of two. The one layer blocks 80% of UV and from the inside your child can see out. Iris was quite happy to sit inside looking through this window, but Astrid wasn’t so keen. Actually, Iris has taken to calling the Snooze Shade a ‘pushchair tent’ and thinks it’s quite good fun to be inside! 

One day both of my kids fell asleep in my Cosatto tandem pushchair and I was amazed to find that it fit right over both seats! Obviously I used this time to play Pokemon Go in the sunshine. 

I was a little concerned about the temperature inside the Snooze Shade on really hot days. I know that blankets draped over pushchair’s can cause the temperature to rise dangerously high on the inside, and very quickly. I didn’t fully test it out because it just wasn’t worth the risk, although the fabric is full of tiny holes and very breathable. On hot days I use clip on pushchair fans on the inside, and it felt very cool in there. I really recommend using them together when it’s very warm. 

I’m so glad we got the chance to review the Snooze Shade. I’d never heard of them beforehand, but now I think it’s going to be something I keep on us at all times in the summer months. It gives me so much peace of mind when it’s sunny. 

The Snooze Shade is available to buy from Amazon. 

*We were gifted the Snooze Shade for the purpose of this review,  but all words, opinions and pictures are my own* 


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