Six months of Astrid 

It’s difficult to believe that half a year has gone by. In 6 short months both of my children have grown and changed so much. In fact, they’ve both completely transformed. Astrid has gone from helpless newborn to a big chunky laughing baby, and Iris has transformed from wobbly baby-toddler to a full on person with full sentences and the ability to climb the biggest climbing frame and hold proper conversations.

Astrid has surprised me, time and again. Early on she was so laid back, so chilled out. She rarely cried, slept well, didn’t need very much from me. She slept in a basket while I played with Iris, and she went along with whatever we were doing with no fuss at all. And then things changed. She went through a developmental leap or something. I don’t know. But she started crying and she didn’t stop. She cried so much and so often, and nothing I did made her stop. I was so frustrated, and I missed her happy face. There have been days when I wondered how much more crying I could take. Thankfully, she seems to have calmed down a bit. She’s still unsettled and clingy, but her smile is back and she doesn’t scream constantly!
 One thing Astrid does do pretty well is sleep, which is a relief. It’s also pretty unexpected. Iris was (and still is!) a pretty dreadful sleeper and I thought Astrid would be much the same. She does wake up to feed a couple of times, but we share a bed and I feed her in my sleep. I don’t really remember it in the morning. Iris still wakes regularly, so I still feel quite sleep deprived!

We’ve begun baby led weaning. Astrid hasn’t been quite as eager as Iris was, but does like her food. She’s not sure about some textures and isn’t keen on holding anything slimy for very long. She is only managing a little bit here and there and quickly gets bored with being in the highchair.

Despite having our lovely colourful Cosatto tandem pushchair, Astrid isn’t a fan of being strapped in. We’ve gone back to full time babywearing, and I feel guilty for the money my mum spent on the pushchair. I can’t quite believe how fast time flies by. Six months has gone in the blink of an eye. The best thing has been watching the two develop a relationship. I so hope they’ll be best friends as well as sisters!




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