The pre-pregnancy jeans project {week 2} 

I can’t decide if this week has been a good one or a bad one. It’s been a real mixture of both. 

It’s been another tough one in terms of parenting. The little ones have colds and are grumpy, so we haven’t got out much. I find it so tricky at home. It’s so easy to settle down on the sofa with a packet of biscuits. 

Then at the weekend, my 7 year old step daughter became 8. There was dinner in Frankie & Bennys’s (she always picks there because they sing happy birthday to you!) and a huge chocolate birthday cake. I was quite good though, and only had a smallish piece. I’ve made up for it by being very good ever since. 

I haven’t gone back to eating a huge bar of chocolate every evening either, despite Trevor not believing me and buying it on his way home from work! 

I didn’t manage any dance classes at all last week, because of the grumpy little ones, but I did drag us all out of bed and out into the pouring rain this morning to dance. I’m so glad I did. We’re all soaked through, but I feel good. 

I got a bit of a shock on the scales this morning when I found out that I’d lost 8 whole lbs! Hooray! The jeans are still more important than the scales, but I’m nowhere near the point of trying those on yet. Hopefully soon! 

*last image cropped from a screengrab of the Happy Scale app* 


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