The SnugglyBabies car mirror 

I was pretty excited to receive the SnugglyBabies car mirror. Even second time around, I’m one of those parents that checks their sleeping child is still breathing several times a minute. I’m even worse in the car.

When Iris was tiny, and the big two stayed with us, I had to sit in the front so that the kids could sit in the back. This meant I couldn’t see Iris. I bought a rubbish mirror that was all fabric and velcro, and I could never get it to stay sitting at the correct angle for me to be able to see her from the front. Instead I constantly bugged the kids by asking if she was ok every few seconds.

This time around we have the van, with two rows of seats in the back, and even with all of us inside there’s room for me to sit next to Astrid. When it’s just the four of us it’s great to have the opportunity to hop into the middle row to chat with Iris while Astrid sleeps, and still be able to keep an eye on her. The fabric Velcro thing just wasn’t doing the job though.

I’m not really sure why the fabric Velcro thing exists. Why didn’t anybody think of a proper mirror, framed in proper plastic and with proper sturdy fastenings before? Maybe they did, but I didn’t see such a thing when I googled and googled when Iris was new.
Proper brackets attach the mirror to the headrest stalks, and it can be tightened so that it doesn’t move around when you go over bumps. A second bracket means you can adjust how far the mirrors stands out from the head rest, and then the mirror can be turned around 360 degrees.

Img Credit: Snuggly Babies website

We’ve been using the mirror for a few weeks now, and it definitely puts my mind at ease in the van. For more information, check out the Snuggly Babies website. It is available to buy now on Amazon where it is currently less than half price!



*We were gifted the Snuggly Babies car mirror for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.*


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