Stur Drinks – water enhancers. A review. 

I am dreadful at making sure I get enough water. Even when I’ve been exercising, I still don’t drink enough. I’m a bit better if I add squash,but I’m wary of the contents. Some are filled with sugar, and the sugar free ones are filled with other rubbish. I know that I sometimes eat extra food thinking I am hungry, when in reality I am probably just thirsty. As part of my challenge to take better care of myself, I’m determined to drink more water. So it’s pretty lucky that Stur Drinks sent me some of their water enhancers to try out. It’s also pretty lucky that it’s even scorching hot here and I’ve been able to enjoy them in the sunshine, with lots and lots of ice.

I received three of the berry flavours range. Freshly Fruit Punch, Simply Strawberry Watermelon and Boldly Blue and Blackberry. The Stur Drinks website is full of lots of other flavours. Too many to choose from actually. I really fancy trying out some of the coconut flavours or the tea flavour range. 

It took a couple of days before I got to try them out. Iris loved the tiny bottles, and took them off into her play kitchen where they became tiny cups of tea, apparently. When we did open them, she insisted on being first to try them and ran off to fetch her Peppa Pig mug. I don’t usually give her squash, and she only has watered down juice occasionally. I was happy to let her try the Stur drinks though, as they don’t contain any sugar and are sweetened with natural Stevia extract. She certainly seemed to enjoy it, but mostly liked squeezing the bottle to squirt it into her water!

As well as helping you to drink enough water, one drink also contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Great for me, as my immune system could do with a boost. I’m sure sleep deprivation means I catch every bug that goes around! Each bottle contains 30 servings, but I found I needed more than the recommended one squirt to get the taste strong enough for my liking. This did mean that the little bottles didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. I find this is the case with ordinary squash too though. I just like it strong! 

Stur water enhancers are available online via their website and on Amazon, either singularly or in multipacks. 

*I was gifted three bottle of Stur for the purpose of this review, but all words, opinions and pictures are my own* 


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