Rhossili. No, you’re silly. 

It’s seems that even though I suddenly declared I was back, my blogging ‘mojo’ isn’t. I haven’t written a thing since, despite having stuff to say. I’m just out of the habit, I guess. 

I’m not in the mood, right this moment, to talk about my mental health. But talk about I will, at some point. Because I really need to. 

It’s been a tough week. I’ve barely slept, and I definitely haven’t looked after myself. My mouth is full of ulcers so big and sore that I can barely eat or talk, and I have a constant headache. 

Instead of dwelling on the aches and pains of right now, I’ve been looking back to this time last weekend when we were frolicking on the beach in the sun. I felt good then. It was a good day. 

We did really have a wonderful day. Iris was a brave explorer and even insisted on kissing the crabs. There’s a cute little video here.

I love Rhossili. It’s definitely my favourite beach. I love a beach without arcades and funfair rides! 

Hopefully I’ll soon have a clearer head and the motivation to write. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, here’s some happy sunny pictures from our day at the beach. 


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