The siblings project (May)

I’ve just decided to start taking part in the sibling project link up again. I have no pictures taken especially for this, but maybe it’s better that way. I take pictures of them together whenever I get a chance anyway. 

They are such a twosome already. I thought I’d be waiting quite a long while for them to really interact with each other, but they already do. They’re so close. Iris insists that ‘baby’ (she rarely calls her Astrid) joins in with everything, even though she can’t really join in yet. Astrid beams whenever and sees Iris and clearly adores her. I love to see them together.  Iris is forever kissing and cuddling Astrid and it’s just far too cute. 

*Linking up with The Siblings Project. Click the image below for more details*

The Me and Mine Project

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