Dechox 2016


So March is finally here. Every year I feel like I want to celebrate the end of February. Despite it being the month of my birthday, it’s always made me feel a little bit gloomy. The end of it feels like the start of Spring, and there’s nothing I like more than the promise of sunshine and warmer weather. I’m desperate to ditch my coat and boots, and get back to tshirts and jelly shoes. However, I still feel pretty crap. It’s time to take care of myself. 

I eat a ton of chocolate. Every single day I get through a big bar. It needs to stop. It makes me feel dreadful, as well as making my skin look bad. 

So the DeCHOX seemed like a great idea! 

I’m not even at the end of day one and I’m already missing it so much. I’ve had several cravings for sweet things (I blame breastfeeding!) and there’s really no substitute for chocolate. 

I’m hoping that I can also raise some money for British Heart Foundation along the way. It’s such a great charity. If you fancy sponsoring me, you can do so by clicking here! I’m sure I’d find it very encouraging! 

Wish me luck! 

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