Our week in pictures #16

Another week!

I’m a day later than usual with this. I’m struggling to find some motivation! 

Last Friday was a super quiet day at home. It was a good rest before a busy weekend though. On Saturday we hopped in the van and visited my Grandad in Bath. It was his first time meeting Astrid, but Iris made him spend most of the visit playing with her. They had a good time with a sheet of bubble wrap! Afterwards we popped in to see my mum, and my niece and nephew who were staying there. They ran up and down for a bit while my mum chased after them! 

On Sunday we took Iris to the monthly outdoor playgroup in the park. It was dinosaur themed this month, and Iris and Trevor made a den for a dinosaur and some footprint ‘fossils’, then we all did a dinosaur trail in the trees. We followed that with a supermarket cafe lunch, and a quiet afternoon with Trevor watching the rugby. 

We were up early on Monday, so we went to playgroup. It’s been a while since we made it on a Monday morning! We didn’t do so well on Tuesday though, and stayed at home all day. Iris played with play dough and we did some baking. 

On Wednesday we went to crochet club but it was a quiet one and nobody did any crochet! It’s always nice to get out for lunch though. I bought some new shoes and jeans with my birthday money while we were in town. 

Thursday was breastfeeding group which was also pretty quiet this week. It’s been so cold here, I’m sure people are hibernating! 

We stayed in again yesterday and the health visitor came. Astrid gained a good amount of weight again and all is good. Her first vaccinations are on Tuesday and I’m dreading them! 

Trevor picked up the big girls last night, and we had a go at putting Iris to bed in their room. It didn’t go well! She kept pointing to the top bunk and saying ‘I go high?’  The girls were tired so we got her out and she slept in our bed instead. 

This morning Iris got me up early, so Trevor stayed in bed with Astrid and the big ones slept in too. Time for Peppa Pig and breakfast while we wait for everybody else to rise. We have a busy weekend ahead! 








Taphat – the bath tap guard – a review 

    Little Iris has always adored bath time. She’s probably a little bit too enthusiastic about it at times though, and she scares me with the way she throws herself around the bath. Our hot tap stays hot to the touch for a long while, and they would really do some damage if you whacked your head on them. It hadn’t really occurred to me that there might be a product out there to put my mind at rest and give me one less thing to worry about. But there is. The Taphat! 

I like the name a lot. They could have gone with so many different boring names, but the idea of taps wearing a hat is fun. It’s a really fun colour too, with cute little seashells all over. 

Unfortunately the hose for our shower comes out of the top of the taps, and the Taphat doesn’t fit. I was gutted. I’ve been assured by the manufacturers that they are working on an alternative design that will fit, and I will definitely be purchasing one. 

I passed the Taphat onto my sister to review, who has similar problems with my splashy niece and nephew. 

It fit perfectly over her taps. Lucky her! It’s pretty easy to get on and off. You just fold it around the taps and do up the Velcro. It occurred to me that this might mean it won’t take long for the little ones to figure out how to take it off. The most important thing is that it cushions the hard pointy bits of taps, and it really does. The little ones would do a lot less damage head butting this than they would if they fell on a bare tap. You can’t feel the heat of the hot tap through it either, so there’s no risk of burns from leaning on it. The taps can’t be turned on with it on, so tap obsessed toddlers (like mine!) are protected from burning themselves in hot running water. As an added bonus, my sister was very excited that it perfectly matched her bathroom! 

Cleverly, she’s found an extra use for it. My niece likes to wash her hands. A lot. All day long if she can. She knows she’s supposed to ask for help, but does sometimes creep off to the bathroom by herself. Using a stool, she can only reach one side of the sink. The hot tap side, unfortunately! With the Taphat on the taps, she can’t burn herself. She can’t remove it because she can’t reach the other side, but grown ups can quickly remove it and put it back on when they need to. Perfect! 

The Taphat is available to buy at dalusolutions.co.uk for £9.99, and is also available in green. 


*We were gifted our Taphat for the purpose of this review, but all words, opinions and pictures are mine or my sisters* 

Dechox 2016


So March is finally here. Every year I feel like I want to celebrate the end of February. Despite it being the month of my birthday, it’s always made me feel a little bit gloomy. The end of it feels like the start of Spring, and there’s nothing I like more than the promise of sunshine and warmer weather. I’m desperate to ditch my coat and boots, and get back to tshirts and jelly shoes. However, I still feel pretty crap. It’s time to take care of myself. 

I eat a ton of chocolate. Every single day I get through a big bar. It needs to stop. It makes me feel dreadful, as well as making my skin look bad. 

So the DeCHOX seemed like a great idea! 

I’m not even at the end of day one and I’m already missing it so much. I’ve had several cravings for sweet things (I blame breastfeeding!) and there’s really no substitute for chocolate. 

I’m hoping that I can also raise some money for British Heart Foundation along the way. It’s such a great charity. If you fancy sponsoring me, you can do so by clicking here! I’m sure I’d find it very encouraging! 

Wish me luck! 

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