Our week in pictures #15

Well it’s been a much better week than the last one, which is definitely a huge relief. It’s still had its moments though. I think I’m feeling a little bit blue, and I need to fight it because LIFE IS GOOD. 

After writing my last weekly update we trundled off in the pouring rain to the sling meet. I so love our local babywearing group! I sold the first woven sling I bought, back when Iris was really tiny. I feel a bit sad about it, but I never use it anymore. I have prettier slings now, and it’s too long for me anyway. I made up for it by buying a brand new sling. A gorgeous Firespiral in greeny-grey that has been converted into a ring sling. It’s amazing for getting babies up and down quickly, and I’ve already used it for both kiddos. My sister used it with my niece who is nearly 4! I even managed to walk around breastfeeding Astrid in it at the weekend. Definitely a good purchase. 

On Saturday we got up early and headed off to Bristol for a cafe breakfast with my closest friends (I miss you guys so very much!). Our kids played with their kids and we all had a great time. Then we met my sister and her family at Bristol Zoo. I absolutely love Bristol Zoo. I worked there years ago and miss it very much. I know people complain because it doesn’t have very many big animals but I can only see that as a good thing. The little creatures are just as much fun. We particularly like Bug World! Iris is a huge fan of the aquariums and aviaries. It was cold and wet, and we forgot the rain cover for the new pushchair, but we had a really fantastic day. There’s nothing I love more than seeing all of the kids together having fun. We stopped for Nandos on the way home, and it was the perfect way to end a fun day. A great early birthday treat for me! 

Sunday was spent visiting Grandma, where we had lunch in a lovely cafe followed by enormous slices of cake. Then we took the big two back to their mum. Sometimes it feels like they’ve only been with us for 5 minutes and we all feel quite sad when they’ve gone. Iris has learnt to say the biggest one’s name and keeps repeating it as if that’ll make her reappear. 

On Monday I turned 31 and it was not my best birthday ever. Looking back from the other end of the week I can see that I’d just let everything get on top of me. A busy weekend meant the house was trashed, I hadn’t slept, the babies were shouty, and I was completely overwhelmed. I just felt like crap. I definitely need to take better care of myself. Trevor took Iris out to the supermarket for a bit and me and Astrid went to bed. I felt a bit better and Trevor produced an enormous chocolate cake. After a big slice and a gin and tonic, my birthday was looking up a bit. I have the best boyfriend ever! 

On Tuesday I really wanted to spend my birthday money. I totally forgot that a new playgroup started in the village and took the  bus to one in town. Then I went shopping. And bought nothing. I’m terrible at buying clothes and shoes. I desperately need them but I can’t decide what I like and what suits me. My body has changed so much and I haven’t changed my wardrobe with it. I’m so confused about what to wear that I just give up. I need help! Instead I used some of Iris’s Christmas money to buy some new wooden puzzles. 

On Wednesday we went to crochet club again, but it wasn’t as cheerful as usual. A friend’s little baby boy is in hospital with meningitis, and we’re all worried sick. I cannot begin to imagine how they are feeling. I’m terrified and he’s not my baby. It’s just awful. I hope he recovers fully and quickly. 

Yesterday I got my haircut, while Trevor pushed the girls around the park trying to keep them asleep! Then we went to breastfeeding support group, where we all talked about meningitis and how terrifying it is. Iris had fun running up and down with her friends. 

Today is a pyjama day. The health visitor came to check up on Astrid, then we came upstairs where I am writing this in the middle of my bed with a sleeping baby on either side of me. A friend is coming over for a cuppa in a while. In the meantime I’m enjoying a moment of quiet. 

It’s Friday! Have a good weekend!   










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