Astrid at six weeks 

  A week of trapped wind, crying and cluster feeding brings Astrid up to six weeks. It’s been a really long week, and I’m struggling a bit. Iris has missed out while Astrid needs constant attention and I feel really terrible about it. I’ve been thinking back to when Iris was tiny to remind me that this hard bit doesn’t last. Soon enough they’re sitting up and playing and you miss the tiny newborn stage. She’s my last baby and I need to enjoy it, even the difficult bits, no matter how hard it is. 

Exhausting as it is, it’s wonderful too. In a week of tears and screaming, Astrid smiled her first smiles and made it all worth while. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t capture the full grin on camera. My phone always seems to be just out of reach, or Astrid moves and the picture blurs.  

 The cough has improved, but is still with us. It doesn’t seem to bother Astrid as much as it bothers me, thankfully. I’m sure it’s not normal to have a cough for the whole first six weeks of your life, so I may just take her back to the GP this week. The health visitor didn’t come this week. She’s not coming weekly anymore as Astrid is gaining weight so well. This does mean I don’t know what she currently weighs, but she’s certainly grown and feels heavier in my arms! Feeding is going well still, and Astrid has barely stopped this week. It feels like there’s barely five minutes in between, which is exhausting, but I know it’s a good thing. 
I’ve been putting a tiny bit of Iris’s Aveeno cream on Astrid’s face each day, and the dry spots have almost completely cleared up. The eyebrow cradle cap has too. She’s looking much smoother and healthier!

This week our double pushchair arrived and Astrid had her first trip out not in a sling, which went well. I also sold the first woven sling I bought when Iris was tiny, and bought a beautiful Firespiral ring sling. It’s so quick and easy to get Astrid is and out of and I even managed to breastfeed her in it while walking around Bristol Zoo yesterday! 

I’m hoping the week ahead is an easier one and I get back to feeling like I’ve got a good grip on the organisation required to manage two small people’s needs!  



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