Iris at 20 months 

For some reason 20 months feels like a big milestone. My one-year-old is actually nearly two, and has changed so much recently I can barely keep up.  
I thought of Iris as still a baby right up until Astrid came along, and now she just seems so grown up. I’ve suddenly realised how much she understands and how much she can do independently. 
Yesterday the Timehop app gave me a video of Iris trying to crawl. A year ago. How can she have learnt to crawl, walk, run, dance and jump? All in just a year? She’s said her first word, her first sentence. She knows exactly what she wants and exactly how to ask for it.   
There has never been a more adoring big sister. She’s forever waking Astrid up by holding her hand or stroking her hair. She likes to check Astrid has all of her body parts on a regular basis. “She got hands”. “She got bum”. “She got nose”. It’s my favourite thing ever. When Astrid cries she says “aww baby, s’ok” then points at me and says “booby”. Haha! She plants soppy kisses on her head and sometimes squeezes her just a little bit too tight.   
Iris still eats like a horse and will eat most things. I’m still not sure I could cope with a fussy eater so I hope Astrid is the same. Iris has phases of becoming obsessed with one particular food and eating loads of it until she goes off it and doesn’t want it anymore. I do that too, so I know where she gets that from! Recently it was blueberries, and they made her poo purple. Revolting!   
I feared her good sleep habits might be ruined by having a newborn in the room, but it’s been ok. Iris has even made the decision to sleep in her own bed (a cot at the end of our bed) a few times. I’m not pushing it because it’ll feel like I’m pushing her out to make a space for the baby. We did buy her some Twirlywoos bedding to celebrate this milestone though!   
I’m relieved to find that Iris now knows who my family are. We don’t see them all that often and she never remembered them. Now she knows exactly who Nanny, Auntie Kaytee and her cousins are! Partly because we’ve seen more of them lately, but also because she has developed her memory. She knows Trevor’s mum is grandma too, and often pretends to ring her on the phone (or the tv remote).   
My poor outdoors girl has had to spend an awful lot of time indoors recently, thanks to the baby arriving and the rain pouring constantly for months on end. We’ve had some bright but freezing days lately, so I’ve grabbed the opportunity to wrap her up warm and take her out with her bike. She gets restless and frustrated at home, so hopefully Spring will be along soon and we can spend our days in the park once more.   
We’re using the last bag of hand-me-down clothes that I packed into sizes when I was pregnant the first time. Pretty soon we’ll have to actually start buying Iris clothes! She’s wearing 18-24 months and some age 2-3. I keep putting Astrid in tiny outfits that Iris used to wear, and I can’t believe how much she has grown! She was smaller than Astrid is too, and that just blows my mind!   
We’ll be planning a 2nd birthday before we know it now, and that just doesn’t seem possible. All those times that my parents told me time flies by too quickly when you have kids, and now I know exactly what they’re talking about.   
Iris. You’re a big bit awesome. 


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