Kinetik non-contact thermometer review 


 It seriously sucks when tiny people feel poorly. Seeing them suffer is really unpleasant and everything else has to stop while you spend the day cuddling instead. As much as I love the cuddles, I like to pick up on any illness pretty quickly so that I can do whatever I need to do to make the babies feels better. Obviously it’s never a good idea to make a diagnosis by yourself (or with google!) but a high temperature is usually a pretty good sign that something is up and you may need a doctor. 

We had a cheapy thermometer when Iris was tiny, and I never trusted it. It would give completely different readings just seconds apart, and I couldn’t make any sense of the instructions. Somebody I worked with, when I worked in a nursery, told me that the only one they trusted was the Braun ear thermometer, so we bought one of those instead. It was pretty pricey, but it does seem very accurate. However, it’s impossible to use while Iris is sleeping as it always wakes her up. She doesn’t like it much when she’s awake either! But then who does like having something shoved in their ear? 

I was asked to review the Kinetik non-contact thermometer, and thought it was worth a try so that could check the children’s temperatures in the night without waking them up. On Christmas Eve Iris had a temperature of almost 40 degrees all through the night. She slept, but I couldn’t, and I took her temperature every hour or so until morning. That’s when she miraculously recovered! I accidentally woke her up several times through the night, and she wasn’t amused. I wish I’d had a non-contact thermometer then! 

As it turned out, I had a good opportunity to give it a good test a few days ago. Iris was quiet and grumpy and clearly under the weather, and I decided to keep a closer eye on her. Unfortunately, Iris dislikes a white thing hovering near her forehead just as much as she dislikes a white thing stuck in her ear. Once she’d fallen asleep it suddenly became an essential piece of my parenting kit though. It’s so easy to use. You need to keep the thermometer in the room for 15 minutes or so before you use it in order to get an accurate reading, which is fine as I intend to keep it in the bedroom for use at night. When it’s not in use it displays the temperature of the room, which is quite a useful feature in itself. To take somebody’s temperature you just turn it on, then hold it near the centre of their forehead and press the scan button. It makes a small beep (that doesn’t wake Iris up – hooray!) and displays the temperature. I took it over and over, and it gives the same reading. Luckily Iris didn’t actually have a fever, and I felt confident that it was giving me an accurate reading. The thermometer has a handy fever alarm, to alert you to a high temperature. 

It wasn’t until I read through the instruction book, which was really easy to understand, that I realised it can also be used to read the surface temperature of liquids. I used it to make sure Astrid’s bath water was the right temperature, and I can imagine it being useful for checking the temperature of baby milk. 

Next time one of my little ones is poorly overnight, I know I’ll be able to make sure they don’t have a fever without waking them up. I’m pretty chuffed with that, and think this is a great purchase for any parent of little ones. 

The Kinetik non-contact thermometer is available on Amazon and is currently reduced to £15 with free delivery (it’s usually £19.99). 

*I was gifted the Kinetik thermometer for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own. Photograph supplied by the manufacturer.* 

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