Astrid at five weeks 

  Another week has gone by so fast, and Astrid is growing before my very eyes. On Friday the health visitor weighed her and she was 9lb 5oz! That’s a huge weight gain in a week for somebody so small. I’ve already had to put away some of the newborn sized clothes because they don’t fit. Iris was wearing them for months! 

Poor Astrid has developed cradle cap – but only in her eyebrows! She looks rather strange! There’s not much I can use so close to her eyes, so I’ve just been putting breast milk on it. My milk cleared up an eye infection she had in her first two weeks, so I now think it’s worth trying for every little thing! She also has very dry spotty skin on her cheeks, chin and neck. It could just be a hormonal baby thing, but I’m a little worried it’ll turn out to be eczema. 

Not much else has changed this week. She’s still struggling with wind and crying about it quite a bit, poor thing. All we can do it keep trying to help her get the wind out and get through it. I’ve forgotten now what age it is that they start to manage their own wind a bit better. I hope she’ll feel better when we reach that point!  

She’s started following us with her eyes when we move, and likes to sit staring at our faces. I’m convinced she’s going to smile any second. Iris still adores her, but still refuses to believe she has a name and will only call her ‘baby’. 

This week has been a little harder. Iris has been getting cross and is having trouble coping with these big emotions, and Astrid has been cluster feeding. It’s an exhausting combination. I am hoping that this next week will be a little easier! 



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