Bristol Aquarium

 I used to work at Bristol Aquarium, back when it first opened. Although it didn’t turn out to be the right job for me, I had some really good times working there. I made some friends that I still consider to be some of my besties, and I adored the creatures! I’ve been back to visit several times since I left, and always enjoy the trip down memory lane. I even took Iris when she was still a tiny baby, when we took our first trip together on a train. 

At the weekend we were in Bristol for dinner to celebrate my mum’s birthday, so we decided to go a bit early and visit the aquarium again too. It’s a bit of an expensive day out for us, as the tickets are a bit steep and there are so many of us. Plus it’s quite small and you definitely couldn’t kill a whole day in there. On the whole it’s still a pretty fun place to visit, and Iris in particular had a wonderful time. She even asked some of the fish if they’d like a ‘cuggle’! (None of them did)

I’m not going to write a review. It seems like a strange thing to do when I used to work there. Instead I just thought I’d share a few pictures from our trip. 




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