Bed sharing with two 


When Iris was brand new, it became clear pretty quickly that the only way I was ever going to sleep was with her touching me. As soon as she wasn’t touching me, she shrieked. From the first night home from hospital, Iris slept in our bed. 

I didn’t want to bed share. I’d heard it was dangerous and probably the worst thing a parent can do. I was terrified of it. 

All of that is absolute rubbish, of course. 

Bed sharing and cosleeping are completely safe and beneficial to both mum and baby when done safely and properly. (Check out the Infant Sleep Information Source website if you need to know more.)

Breastfeeding and bed sharing go together. Iris woke up so frequently in the early days that I never slept for longer than about an hour. At least with her right there next to me I didn’t actually have to get up or go anywhere. I just unclipped my nursing bra and dozed while she fed. I only got enough sleep to survive because we bed shared! 

Thankfully, so far, Astrid seems to be a better sleeper. 

In the last week, Iris has began to sleep in a cot at the end of the bed. This was a decision she made and she seems to prefer going to sleep there now. It’s certainly easier to get her off to sleep, and it doesn’t take anywhere near as long. We never would have pushed her out of our bed, but she seems to have made the decision at a good time for all of us. Usually she ends up back in our bed at some point in the early hours, and that’s fine by me. I miss her next to me so very much! 

Astrid sleeps in a Snuz Pod, attached to the bed next to me. I pull her into bed to feed her and then shuffle her back over there afterwards. Well, mostly I do. Sometimes she ends up staying because I can’t settle her otherwise or because I just can’t be bothered. If Iris is in the bed too, it can be a bit of a squeeze. 

I like it though. It’s our family bed! It’s lucky it’s a king size, but even if it wasn’t I think we’d still do it. As long as the girls are never next to each other (Iris flails about quite a bit!) it’s perfectly safe, and we’re all very comfortable and happy. I can’t imagine sleeping separately from my babies, and I’m definitely nowhere near ready for them to sleep in a completely separate room from me!  



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