The Gorgeous 1 swaddle blanket review 


While Iris was never a fan of covers or swaddles or blankets, Astrid really likes to be snuggled up tight. I wonder if it’s the difference between being born in June or January? Astrid sleeps in a cosleeping cot attached to our bed, right next to me. She’s also against an outside wall though, and our bedroom isn’t the warmest. We have a thermometer and it never drops out of the recommended temperature range, but it feels chilly to me.   

 The Gorgeous 1 swaddle is ideal for this, as its much thicker than any of the blankets we used until it arrived. It’s more like a swaddle quilt, and it seems really warm and comfortable. I feel more confident that Astrid is warm enough overnight since we’ve started using it. 

My first impression of the swaddle was that it’s very very pretty. It matches our grey bedroom perfectly, and I do love chevrons! The big bow is a great finishing touch and really makes it look good. 

On the first night we used it, Astrid fell asleep as soon as we put her into it. It’s so easy to use. You fold the bottom up first then fold the two sides in (a bit like making a fajita!) and it’s held closed with a strip of Velcro. I added the bow too, but left it off after the first feed of the night. Undoing and redoing a bow several times a night is just too much faff for me! I was easily able to re-swaddle her after each feed though, even in my half-asleep state. It’s a bit too bulky to leave on for feeds. I couldn’t hold her close enough to feed her while in the swaddle. 

The back of the swaddle contains a removable firm pad. It’s genius! Astrid (and most other little babies, probably) falls asleep at some point during the evening downstairs with us, and we take her up with us when we go up to bed. It’s tricky to move her without waking her. Once she’s swaddled, the pad keeps her head and neck supported and makes picking her up and moving her really easy. We tend to put her in the Tiny Love rock and play during the day and the evening, and moving her from here to her bed is now a breeze.  


I was quite nervous about washing the swaddle, as I am about washing most new things! I needn’t have worried though. We’ve washed it twice now (thanks to baby milk sick!) and its washed really well. It doesn’t take long to dry either. You just remove the pad and chuck it in on a delicates cycle. Easy. 

The only thing I’d change is the position of the Velcro. Actually, I’d just make it longer. That way I’d be able to do it up tighter. Astrid wakes up when her arms become free, and she tends to work them out of the top of the swaddle because it’s not quite tight enough to hold them still. It’ll be tighter as she grows bigger though, so we’ll keep on using it. Overall I’m really pleased with it, and Astrid certainly seems snug and happy! 

The swaddle can be purchased from Amazon for £24.97 with free delivery. Just search for ‘The Gorgeous 1 swaddle’. It’s also available in pink or blue. 

*We were gifted our The Gorgeous 1 swaddle for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own. The first picture belongs to the manufacturers and has been used with permission. Other pictures are my own* 

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