Our week in pictures #12

It’s Friday again! Hoorah! 

Last Friday we didn’t even get dressed. The health visitor came and weighed Astrid, who was above her birth weight! The midwife called and cancelled her visit, which is a shame as she could have discharged us from midwife care. 

Saturday was a hectic day. Trevor set off early for a speed awareness course (naughty Trevor!) and my mum drove over to pick me and the girls up for my nephew’s birthday party. She’s so kind to do that, drive for over an hour just to pick us up and drive all the way back again. The party went well. The kids all had a wonderful time, and Iris ate a ridiculous amount of cake. Trevor planned to meet us there, and he did eventually, but he had to call the breakdown people because he came out of the course to a flat battery in the van! After that party, we headed to another. A housewarming for a friend that I haven’t seen in quite a long time. It was lovely to see her and a few other friends too, but we didn’t stay long. Iris was so energetic and noisy! She didn’t even sleep all the way home despite it being quite late! We got home to discover that we’d left Iris’s new Peppa Pig backpack behind! 

On Sunday we went to the monthly play group in the park ran by a friend of mine (if you’re local, search Facebook for Growing Space Pontypridd!). Iris enjoyed making a bird feeder from a pine cone and hanging it from a tree in the park, then afterwards she had a puddle jumping competition with Trevor. Lots of the other children and parents ended up joining in, and it was wonderful! We had some fun in the play area afterwards, and then had a lazy afternoon at home. 

On Monday we stayed in for most of the day, and a midwife came and discharged us from their care. Then we headed into town and registered Astrid’s birth, followed by food shopping. 

We needed to get out and about on Tuesday, so we met some friends in the cafe. We also did some shopping. I bought the same jeans in two sizes because I wasn’t sure what size I’d need (turns out I’m the smaller size – whoop!) and Iris got a new Peppa Pig puzzle which she’s currently a bit obsessed with. 

Wednesday afternoon was spent at crochet club, where yet again I did no crochet whatsoever because Iris and Astrid kept me way too busy! It’s still such a fun afternoon though, hanging out with lots of other mums and kids. 

We went to breastfeeding group as usual yesterday, after taking Astrid to see the GP about her cough. I don’t know why I went really. I instinctively wasn’t worried about it, and didn’t think there would be much they could give her anyway. I was strangely worried the health visitor might think I was a crap mum if I didn’t. That’s so stupid. Anyway, her chest is clear and she’s fine. I was right. 

It’s Friday again. We’re waiting in for the health visitor and having a tidy up of the toys, which are all mixed up and in the wrong boxes again!

We’re off to Bristol again this weekend. Hooray! 

Have a good one! 







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