Social media and a busy life 

I don’t know if it’s something about the time of year, but I’m feeling pretty fed up about social media again and I felt similarly this time last year. I wrote this post and then gave up on social media for February. It did me good. 

Then yesterday I read this post about turning off social media notifications by Emma at Raising Bears, and I decided I need to do something similar. I need social media more now than I did last year. My blog was nothing much back then but now it’s beginning to take some sort of shape. Plus I’m enjoying it! Sharing it and talking about it on social media is kind of important. 

Despite that, there really is no need for me to be checking it all of the time. When Iris was a newborn I relied on it to keep me entertained during the endless breastfeeding, but this time around I have Iris to entertain me while I feed Astrid. I’m squeezing my Facebook fixes into every little gap in the day, because I don’t really have the time for it. It’s not healthy and it’s not necessary. 

So I’m following Emma’s lead. The apps will stay and I’m sure I’ll check occasionally, but my phone won’t alert me to every little thing, and I’ll avoid checking quite so often. 

I have had periods over the last few years where I’ve become ridiculously addicted to Twitter, but I’m most definitely not in one of those periods right now. In fact I’m finding it annoying. So spending less time there shouldn’t be too tricky! 

If I take longer to reply, please forgive me. Me and the babies need this step back. 


2 thoughts on “Social media and a busy life 

  1. Sometimes I get fed up with social media too and it is highly addictive. I need it for my blog though but I’m trying to take things at my own pace and reply/comment etc when I have some time to relax and do it. I’m sure we’ll get there and I hope a wee break does you good 🙂


    • It’s addictive and a bit toxic at times too. I love it, but I do need to step back now and then. I’ve been using it on and off the last few days, but with my notifications off I feel like I’m checking it much much less. It’s nice!


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