Astrid at three weeks 

  We’re really getting into the swing of things, me and my new girl. Three weeks have flown by and already I can’t remember what it feels like to be pregnant. I can’t imagine feeling a small human move around and kick inside of me. I can’t get my head around that at all. Just three weeks ago? Really? 

She’s a dream. 

She’s more laid back than Iris was, and will settle next to me or near me. Iris always had to be on me. Always. She doesn’t cry as much as Iris did, and she’d rather be quiet and alert so she can check out her surroundings. She sleeps in a cosleeping cot attached to our bed, and actually spends much of the night in it. During the day she sleeps in a basket thing in the living room and doesn’t stir despite the amount of noise Iris makes! 

Breastfeeding is going so well. The cluster feeding has started already, and now I remember what it’s like to feel like breastfeeding is all I ever do. The nipple pain has completely gone, and I feel sad that I didn’t just push through it with Iris. Perhaps if I’d been stronger we wouldn’t have used those horrible nipple shields for a whole year. I have to remind myself that her birth was more traumatic, I was tired and in a lot of pain. I didn’t have the strength or energy I have now. 

I feel good this time around. My back and knees and hips ached for months the last time. 

The health visitor weighed Astrid at 8lb 1oz on Friday, putting her over her birth weight already. It took Iris weeks and weeks to reach this point. I’m blaming the nipple shields for that one too. 

We’ve adjusted well, Astrid and us, to the changes in our family. I’m so proud of these little people we’ve created. 


2 thoughts on “Astrid at three weeks 

  1. Aww I’m so glad the breastfeeding is going well second time round. I felt different breastfeeding second time as well, it came so much easier. I think it might be something to do with being older and more confident 🙂

    What a cutie Astrid is, it’s surprising how quickly they grow.


  2. It’s knowing that’s it’s possible that makes a difference. I seemed to be surrounded by people who insisted on telling me how difficult it is and that I’d probably give up during my first pregnancy. Then I met a load of breastfeeders at a support group and it all changed. I still wasn’t confident but it was good to hear that it does work out! This time I know I can do it, and there’s no way I would spend good money of formula now. I make even better stuff for free!


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