Our week in pictures #11

Last weekend was another busy one. We started it off with a quick trip to the park, as it wasn’t raining for a bit. Dry weather is such a novelty around here at the moment! Iris was grumpy and didn’t want to walk or play. Luckily the swings cheered her up! Then later at home we made mince pies (yes we know it’s January, but they were a present for grandma who already misses mince pies!) and the girls had a load of homework to do. Iris tore about and got upset that the girls were doing homework instead of playing with her. Me and Astrid managed a nap. 

On Sunday we had Sunday lunch in a pub in Abergavenny to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. It was nicer than our usual pub with much better veggie food, and I really enjoyed it. Of course Astrid slept and only woke when I was about to eat! 

On Monday my mum drove over the bridge to spend the day with us, which was great. Iris adores her now, since their night together  while I was in labour, and was so pleased to see her. We had lunch in a supermarket cafe, then headed to soft play to avoid the rain. Iris had a fantastic time going on the ‘big wee’ (the slide) and amazed me with how well she can climb. She’s not a baby anymore. When did that happen? 

On Tuesday we had a day at home. Trevor worked from home and it was nice to have him around. Iris and I made Peppa Pig cakes (from a packet mix – cheaters!) and did some arts and crafts stuff. We took a quick walk to the shop in the pouring rain with the trike, while Trev cuddled Astrid, but otherwise stayed in the warm and dry. 

Wednesday was a good day. Trev was out before we woke and home after bedtime. And we all survived! More about that here! 

Yesterday we were all awake before 5am! I’m not sure why Iris thought that was a good idea. I’ve been trying to figure her routine out so she sleeps better at night and doesn’t need a long lie in. Maybe she’s gone a bit too far the other way now! After a long morning nap, the three of us headed to breastfeeding support group. We grabbed lunch in Greggs on the way because we hadn’t had time to eat! We also spotted a Peppa Pig backpack in a charity shop window, and Iris is very pleased with her new nappy bag! 

Today is another day at home. The health visitor and midwife are both coming to see us, but as usual they could only give a vague idea of when they might arrive. I’m so glad it’s Friday! I can’t wait to have Trevor home for two days. We’ve got another very busy one planned though, which is unfortunate as I could do with a rest!   






6 thoughts on “Our week in pictures #11

  1. Omgosh that picture of them asleep together has to be one of the cutest I’ve ever seen! I’m definitely going to set one like that up tomorrow night when my 3year old goes to sleep and my 3mth old! xx


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