Boobbix lactation cookies review 

   I was so excited when I was asked to review Boobbix lactation cookies. I’m not new to using galactagogues (foods or ingredients that can help to maintain or increase your breastmilk supply). With Iris I started using a breast pump to leave a bottle and some milk with Trevor so I could go out for a bit, but it took my boobs a little while to catch up. So I tried a tea that promised an increase in breastmilk. It certainly worked, but wasn’t very tasty! Next I tried some fenugreek tablets, which also worked but made me smell a bit funny! The best thing I found to work was good old wholesome porridge. While oats may have been the tastiest way I could find, porridge wasn’t particularly convenient on the go!

The flavours on offer got me excited too. There were just too many to choose from! I knew immediately that I needed the peanut butter chocolate chip. How could I resist that? I went for a box of the oatmeal and raisin too. All of the flavours contain several galactagogues, oats, flaxseed, brewer’s yeast and fenugreek. They also contain lots of vitamins and minerals and are made using free range and organic ingredients. They taste so good! I got addicted to the peanut butter ones a bit, and ate the whole box in a matter of days! I didn’t actually have any supply issues, so I wasn’t sure how they’d affect me. They definitely did though! I had to slow down on the cookie eating as I was soaking my breast pads and waking up drowning in milk. I decided to go through the oatmeal and raisin box slightly more slowly.
 For me, the individual packaging was a big deal. This is what I needed last time around, something portable and easy to just chuck in my bag. I munched through several on our little trips out. Breastfeeding is making me constantly peckish! 

The cookies are available to buy at for £10.50 per box. Boobbix is a small business set up by mum Katie, and is born of her own worries about breastmilk supply and her unsuccessful search for tasty lactation cookies for sale in the UK. There are 5 different flavours available and it’s difficult to choose (go for the peanut butter!!).  I will definitely be ordering more boxes if I ever have any concerns about my milk supply or need to boost it so that I can express for bottles. They’re a far tastier option than tea or pills, and they go fantastic with a big mug of hot chocolate! 

*I was gifted two boxes of Boobbix cookies for the purpose of this review, but all words, pictures and opinions are my own.* 

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