My Nametags review 

   Part of being a complete disorganised mess (like me) and being a parent, is leaving your kid’s stuff everywhere you go. The amount of cardigans, bibs and drink beakers we’ve already left at various mum and baby groups is quite incredible. For ages I’ve been thinking that I should just label stuff. Everybody knows who Iris is. Maybe we’d get some of this stuff back if it was labelled. Yesterday we left Iris’s favourite doll in a cafe, and I’m kicking myself because I briefly considered sticking a label on it before we went out, but got distracted.  I jumped at the chance to review My Nametags. Not only are they available in stickers (they do the iron on ones too, but I hate ironing!), but you can personalise them to look exactly how you want them to. Iris likes ducks. A lot. So this part was dead easy for me to do. You can change the font, font colour, background design and picture, making them look exactly how you like. You can even add a phone number, and I may have to get some more with my number on. Even better chance of getting some stuff back then! The design bit is done on the the website at, and is incredibly easy. And fun! They arrived really quickly, and the prices are pretty good too. £11.95 for 56 labels.  I had a lot of fun labelling Iris’s stuff, and so did she. She followed me around pointing at the labels and quacking! I did a couple of her coats and jackets, some shoes, a drink cup, a bib, and at Iris’s request, her precious yellow wellies. We’ve had a few comments from friends when we’ve been out for lunch about how colourful and useful they are. They’d be so perfect for labelling school uniform!    I was curious about how they’d wash. I pictured them peeling off everything! However, the cup and bib have been washed up several times and the stickers haven’t budged. On a dog walk with Trevor the other day Iris decided to lie in the mud, so one of the coats has been through the wash and the tumble dryer. It hasn’t moved or peeled either. The colours haven’t even faded. I’m impressed! 

*We were gifted one sheet on sticky labels for the purpose of writing this review, however all words, opinions and pictures are my own.* 


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