The Siblings Project (January) 


I’ve just this moment decided to join in with The Siblings Project over on, after seeing another couple of posts in the linky. It’s so important to me that I capture the relationship between Iris and Astrid as they grow. 
With only an 18 month age gap, Iris is still a baby herself really. It’s only been 5 days since the beginning of her adventures as a big sister but so far she seems to be enjoying it. Today is the first day she’s seemed a little overwhelmed, as we’ve been out and about visiting lots of Trevor’s family. Generally she’s incredibly gentle and often plants tiny gentle little kisses on her. I’m having a little trouble with the first days of breastfeeding, and having Iris leaning on me to get a better look at her sister is making it so much harder, but I couldn’t ask her to stop. I don’t want to push her out, ever. 
The Me and Mine Project

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