Our week in pictures #8 

 I can’t quite believe that it’s Friday already, and Trevor’s first week back at work is already almost over. I had hoped I’d have the baby at the beginning of the week so that his Christmas break would run into his time off after the birth, but no such luck! 

After Trevor left with the girls last Saturday to take them back to see their mum, I tried to return things to as normal as possible for Iris pretty quickly by doing our neglected dinner, bath and bed routine. It didn’t work of course, as she was a bit upset that the big sisters had gone. She continued to wave at the front door and say ‘bye’ for at least an hour. I love how much she loves them, but when she’s missing them it breaks my heart. 

Sunday was spent taking down Christmas decorations, doing a big clean of the downstairs of our house, and organising Iris’s toys to make all the new ones fit! It was an incredibly productive day, and it was lovely not to have pine needles all over the floor constantly! I never feel sad saying goodbye to all of the Christmas stuff. Getting rid of it all feels more like welcoming the new year in than anything we actually do at new year. 

To celebrate the clean house (downstairs anyway) we went out for Nandos, and it felt odd to be doing something just the three of us. I think it’ll be our last dinner as a three though, which is a weird thought. 

As it’s the last week in the run up to my due date, I very much felt like it might not be particularly good for my state of mind if we stay at home a lot this week. It feels like we’re just waiting now, and waiting feels easier if you’re busy. 

We didn’t make it to Monday’s playgroup as we slept in after a late night. Iris is definitely having a sleep regression! Instead we headed to our favourite cafe for lunch. We had no plans to meet anybody but some of the regulars were there anyway, as is usually the way. It’s part of why we love the place so much! We were absolutely drenched when we arrived. I’m sure it’s rained solidly here since November. It’s starting to get annoying! I’m grateful we’re not flooded of course, but it’s frustrating to get soaked every single time you head out. 

On Tuesday a friend and her boy, who Iris is quite fond of, came over for a play date. We’ve never had a play date in our house before. We live out of town and nobody we know lives near us. I was nervous as Iris was adamant beforehand that her friend would not be allowed to play with her toys! It went well in the end though, and she did let him play. We all had a lovely time until the little ones got tired and our friends headed off for nap time. Every single toy in the living room was out on the floor and there were crushed Pringles everywhere! Thankfully our weekend of organising meant everything now has a home and it only took me ten minutes to put it all away. Result! Plus Seb took care of the crisps. He’s a good dog. 

My books arrived, and I desperately wanted to start reading, but Iris wouldn’t allow it! So I picked up The Girl on the Train just as I was getting into bed. Bad idea! I couldn’t put it down until 2am. I’m gripped! I’ve been reading at every opportunity for the rest of the week, which is great! I used to be such a bookworm, consuming them so quickly that I spent all my money on them! I don’t think I’ll ever get back to that, as I’m so busy these days, but it’s good to be reading again anyway. Although my crochet projects have suffered! 

On Wednesday we went to Crochet Club. It’s not really a club as such, just a bunch of mums and toddlers that meet in the cafe. Often we’re so busy chatting and playing with the little ones we do no crochet at all, which is what happened this week! It’s become my weekly highlight, and I really look forward to it. I hope getting there with a baby and a toddler isn’t too tricky! Afterwards we hung out in the library with Iris’s best friend and her family. Iris loves the chalk board wall they have there! It makes me tempted to find a wall suitable for chalk board paint at home. 

Yesterday was ‘booby group’ as we affectionately call it. The breastfeeding support group that I started attending when I was still pregnant with Iris. It was my lifeline in the early days after she was born, both for support with breastfeeding and a source of new friends! It was so lonely at first, moving over here. The people I met at this group really changed that for me. We didn’t make it to this group for the whole of December because we were busy passing colds and bugs backwards and forwards between the two of us, so it was good to be back. Plus I may actually need them for breastfeeding support again soon!

We found a plastic toaster in a charity shop for 50p yesterday, and Iris is over the moon! There’s one of these at Mum’s house and she played with it solidly during our stay before Christmas. It’s probably the best 50p I’ve ever spent in a charity shop. 

I was awake very early this morning with backache and leg cramps. It was so severe, I was convinced things were starting to happen. After some paracetamol I managed to get a bit more sleep and when I woke up the pains had gone. I’m trying not to be too disappointed! It’s lucky really as Trevor is a couple of hours away on a site visit today. It’d be better for everybody if he’s at home when things start. The early wake up combined with Iris’s strange pattern of late nights and early mornings this week has left me exhausted. I haven’t had a single day time nap either, as we’ve been out every day! I napped so much over the Christmas break that this has come as a bit of a shock to my poor tired body! 

So today we’ve stayed at home. Actually we haven’t even got dressed! We’ve watched a little bit too much CBeebies (which is fine because we haven’t watched any all week!), made endless rounds of plastic toast, had lots of cuddles, and taken a big nap together. It’s been lovely. There are so few mummy-and-Iris days left now. I’m trying to absorb every little detail. Her smell, her little voice and the funny things she says. Soon I’ll have to split my attentions, and while I’m excited I’m also a little bit sad. So cuddles in our smelly pyjamas is fine, at the moment. It’s what we both need. Life is about to change so massively! 

I’m so ready for the weekend and having Trevor at home now! I’ve still got a few things I need to do before baby comes, like write down Iris’s routine in case my mum has to look after her for any length of time. The rest of the weekend will be spent just relaxing and being three. It might be our last one before our family grows again. 




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