39 weeks

Yup, I’ve reached that last week before the due date. Hooray!

I HURT. My poor hips. My knees too.

There’s not much to say this week. The midwife decided upon my refusal to have a sweep that she didn’t even need to see me this week, which is fine by me.

It’s been a very long week. I think these last weeks always are. It’s a waiting game now. New Year has been a good distraction, but also exhausting as we’ve had a house full of kids and presents and Christmas decorations. Nesting instinct has definitely kicked in, and I couldn’t wait to get the decorations down today and restore the house to house rather than dump! The whole of downstairs is now sparkly clean and I’m itching to get upstairs done too.

Actually doing it is a whole different ball game of course. I’ve had to boss Trevor around a bit (otherwise he doesn’t do it my way – sorry Trevor) but we’re getting there. My SPD is unbearable a lot of the time, and I’ve found myself having lots of warm baths to soothe the pain. Not much else helps! I still have the cocodomol I was prescribed, but I hate the way it makes me feel so I’m avoiding using it.

We inflated the exercise ball, with the intention of me bouncing away some of the aches and pains. Unfortunately Iris is obsessed with the ball and won’t let me near it, so I’ve had to put it away for most of the day. She’s having a bit of a sleep regression, and often by the time she’s in bed I just can’t be bothered.

My insomnia is ridiculous, and is mostly caused by pain. I was in the bath at 4am the other night.

On New Year’s Day I felt awful, all day and night long. Really awful. I’m not sure if it’s Braxton Hicks or the slow start to things, but since that day of feeling awful I’ve had regular tightenings, as well as lots of period like cramps in my back and tummy and a horrible ache in my thighs. I know from experience that this kind of thing can go on for weeks before the real deal, so I’m ignoring it completely.

Trevor returns to work after his Christmas break today. I’m not happy about it! He’s been doing so much of the stuff that hurts (like chasing Iris around!) for the past two weeks and I’m not sure how I’m going to do it alone again. I think it’s pretty important that I get out and about, and see some people. I might struggle with the waiting game if I just stay home. Plus we spent most of the Christmas break at home and I’m desperate for fresh air. I know Iris is too. There won’t be any park trips though. I just can’t chase her or push her on the swings anymore.

I didn’t quite make it to my due date with Iris, so hopefully history will repeat itself and there won’t be another one of these updates!



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