Our week in pictures #7

It actually not a week, but I do want to get back to doing this weekly on a friday, so I need to cut a week a bit short to make up for the long ones. 

Thursday was New Year’s Eve. We planned a quiet day indoors, but we were all so desperate for fresh air (especially Seb!) that we ended up playing football in the rain on the local playing field. I didn’t actually play, as just the walk up there nearly finished me off. Iris and the girls had a great time though, and it was just what they needed before settling down for an afternoon/evening of play dough, movies, board games and biscuit making. I took a long nap with Iris even though I’d had a lie in too, and all of us lasted until midnight. Apart from iris, obviously. Although she did stay up until almost 11 and for a while I did think she might make it! 

New Year’s Day was rotten for me. I slept in, but still woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept in months. I haven’t, actually. I had Braxton Hicks and period like pains all day long, and just couldn’t get comfy anywhere. I ached all over and had a terrible headache. I couldn’t settle at bedtime either, and ended up running a bath at 2am only to leave it to go cold because Iris woke up and needed me. Instead I had a bath at 4am and finally got to sleep sometime soon after. 

Meanwhile, Trevor and the kids had a much nicer day. While I was around, I didn’t feel very present. I was a bit like a zombie. They took the dog to the field again for a football game, played battleships and Trevor’s ukelele, and cooked a huge turkey roast dinner. The kids messed around in the bath, and they all watched the first Star Wars film. I did a bit of crochet and zoned in and out, wondering if I was ill or if things were about to kick off. 

This morning I’ve woken up aching and exhausted so lovely Trevor has sent me back to bed. It’s officially the end of Christmas now, as the big kids go back to their mum today to get ready for their return to school. I’ve just got today and tomorrow to make the most of these naps and then Trevor will be back at work too. I’m dreading it!





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