Hello, 2016

I’ve seen a lot of great blog posts about new year’s resolutions this past week or so, but this isn’t going to be one of those. I’m usually a sucker for resolutions, I even keep them sometimes. I quit smoking and biting my nails thanks to resolutions. I also started running and kept it up for quite a long time. I don’t think they’re a bad idea or that you’re just setting yourself up to fail. I just don’t want to do that this year.

I’ve got enough on my plate, frankly.

When you’re this pregnant and you could have a baby any day, things like the start of a new year pass you by to some extent. Everything is about this baby and when it’s going to get out of my body. Then once she’s out here in the world, everything will be about breastfeeding and getting some sleep and adjusting to having two children under two. I do not have time for resolutions.

So instead I’m going to write a to-do list, which may seem like exactly the same thing but I can assure you it is not. There is no pressure, from me or anybody else, to tick off everything on this list. Some are essential and some are just fun things I’d like to do. Or things I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to. Stuff like that. It’s no biggie if most of it is left undone.

Here goes.

  1. Get this baby out. Get her out, but in a much more positive way than the day I got Iris out. The plan is: go into labour, go to birth centre, have a birth in the pool without any huge drama, get discharged a few hours later and come home.
  2. Breastfeed. Probably won’t do much else for the first few weeks after the birth, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. That’s how you get the hang of it, and that’s how you grow chunky happy babies.
  3. Let shit go. Sorry for the swear word. I’m terrible for clinging onto the stuff that stresses me out but actually really doesn’t matter.
  4. Get Trevor to put up the rest of the wallpaper. Three pieces aren’t enough, mister.
  5. Spend my 31st birthday over in Bristol. Take the kids to the aquarium. Have dinner out somewhere nice.
  6. Generally spend a bit more time in Bristol actually.
  7. See my old buddies and my bestest buddies more. Much more. 2015 was a poor year for my friendships and I’d love to fix that this year.
  8. Keep this blogging thing up. I have no desire to blog to a schedule or make it really successful or make a living from it. I just want to keep it up and keep enjoying it. That’s it.
  9. Be outside. All the time. As much as possible. Every day if I can. Nothing makes me feel better and I know Iris is the same.
  10. Go camping! I’d love to go at Easter, but I’m not sure we can this year. Having a new tiny baby won’t stop us though. We went when Iris was just 9 weeks old! We’ll definitely go in August though. Definitely.
  11. Visit Castell Coch. It’s so pretty, and I’ve lived around the corner from it for 2 whole years. I’ve never been!
  12. Splash in the sea. Lots.
  13. Climb trees. As much as possible.
  14. Walk for miles.
  15. Go to Folly Farm. I hear it’s pretty good.
  16. Go back to Cattle Country.
  17. Go out. At night time. Without the babies. At least once. (I’m not very good at this.)
  18. Read books. Lots of them. I used to get through them thick and fast, several a week. I’ve barely read a thing since Iris came along! I miss getting lost in a good story.
  19. Run! This isn’t a resolution before you say it is. It has no health/weight loss/fitness/distance/speed goals attached. I just want to run. Running feels good. It’s outside, it’s my time, and it makes me feel happy. Run!
  20. I’ve always wanted to get into yoga. Maybe I’ll do that at last.
  21. Be a good mum. Have patience. Be gentle. Try not to yell.
  22. Cuddle.
  23. Take naps. Whenever possible.
  24. Make the most of my me-time, actually rest instead of being distracted by social media all the time!
  25. Don’t take Trevor for granted. He’s one of the best ones. Let him know.
  26. Take even more pictures than in 2015. Not sure this is even possible!
  27. Do not get any more pets. You have plenty.
  28. Embrace Wales! Make more friends, see more places. Take the train. Take the bus. Get out there!
  29. Go to a toddler day at Techniquest. Still haven’t got round to that.
  30. Find lots of new places to go. Make new favourite places.
  31. Finish the multiple courses I’m supposed to be doing but never actually do. Particularly the breastfeeding mother peer supporter one. That one means a lot.
  32. Get the kids together with my sister’s kids as much as possible. Cousins are supposed to be your first friends. Give them the opportunity to make that happen. A bridge and a border should not get in the way!
  33. Shop in charity shops. Give things to charity shops.
  34. Crochet! Maybe even knit a little bit. Make things. Encourage the kids to make things.

That’ll do. For now anyway. Perhaps I’ll come back and cross these things out, or write an update at some point. Perhaps not. We’ll see. No pressure.

2016 is going to be a good one, I can feel it.


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