Our week (and a bit) in pictures #5

I normally post these updates on a Friday, but I completely missed it last week because I’ve been at my mum’s house without my laptop and the pictures wouldn’t upload. Also, I’m tired. I’ve been trying to do less and sleep more and I’ve sort-of succeeded. I haven’t much felt like writing. Or reading. Or anything really.

Last Friday was a disaster for most of the day. Iris was clearly unwell and spent much of the day under a blanket not moving much. I was reluctant to take her out, but I bundled her up anyway and we took her to see her 2 big sisters in their school play. She loved it and seeing the girls really perked her up so I’m glad we took her out!

Saturday was the day for our annual trip to Puxton Park near Weston Super Mare with my family. It’s the 3rd year we’ve done this, and we always have an amazing time. It felt Christmassy mainly because it was cold! It hasn’t been cold at all yet this winter. Just warm and damp. Not festive weather! We were a bit let down by the Santa experience this year. Usually it’s really very good, but this time we stood in the queue, in a cramped room, for over an hour. The kids were all fed up and I ached so bad I had to sit on the floor. Not cool. Still, we had a lot of fun in the soft play and saw all of the farm animals. The kids had a tractor ride. We compared the kids this year to the kids last year and were shocked by how much they’ve all grown and changed.

Sunday morning was spent decorating for Christmas. Trev and the kids went to pick a tree, and then Iris got excited and went a bit tinsel mad. She loved putting the fairy on top of the tree! It was all a bit rushed as we had tickets for the local panto at 2.

The panto was just amazing! Iris refused to sit on a chair, but we blocked her in and she was fine. We all had a good laugh and a dance! More about the panto here. 

The weekend was ace, but things kind of went down hill from there. Monday and Tuesday were written off as Iris was hit with another bug and I was so exhausted I couldn’t cope. The housework was building up, there were piles of clutter everywhere, my hospital bag still wasn’t packed and I was panicking. I did actually take Iris out of the house on Tuesday but only to the supermarket, where I felt too poorly to do anything except leave straight away and get back on the bus. The bus driver saw me coming and drove off (3 minutes early!) which resulted in public crying. Urgh. I hate pregnancy hormones.

Wednesday was the Christmas party at Iris’s playgroup and I was determined we’d have a better day. We didn’t. We were an hour late because Iris didn’t want to get ready, meaning we missed most of it. The party was followed by my midwife appointment. These appointments are upstairs in a building with no lift and two flights of stairs. Each appointment nearly kills me. I can’t carry Iris and all of her stuff upstairs anymore. I’m too sore. But there’s no choice. There’s also no baby changing facilities there. I ended up missing my appointment while trying to change an angry Iris on the floor of a tiny cubicle. They did eventually find a space to see me and the appointment was fine but I left so very very stressed out.

To cut a long story short, I finally completely lost my shit outside of the cafe a bunch of my mum mates were sitting inside. I really lost it. Trev had to come and get me, but not until lots of people had seen me and I’d made myself look ridiculous.

I stayed up until 3am that night trying to get the house together. Daft idea. I was already too tired to cope.

Thursday came, Trev went to work, Iris had tantrums and I was too exhausted and poorly to deal with anything. So my mum came to collect me (from an hour away across the bridge, bless her) and off me and Iris went for a much needed pre-Christmas break.

It’s been great and I feel so much better. We slept in my old single bed which is ridiculously uncomfortable, but it felt like returning home for a bit. We visited my grandfather who I haven’t seen in ages, spent a day with my sister and niece and nephew, hung out with my brother a bit and my mum loads, did some Christmas shopping, saw my bestest buddies and spent some time splashing in puddles.

Iris doesn’t see much of my mum, and as my mum is coming to take care of her while I’m giving birth I’ve been worrying about this. They’ve really bonded over this weekend though, and are really close. In fact much of the time Iris would have rather played with her than me! Phew.

Tonight Trevor picked us up and we’re back home. I’ve missed him like crazy, but going away means I haven’t shouted at him when none of what has been bothering me is his fault. It’s all mine. Instead we’ve both had some peace and some space and it’s been good for us. I’m lying in a hot bath as I write this, soaking a very sore hip and feeling glad to be home.





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