Cheese Posties Review @CheesePosties

I’m addicted to Internet shopping. I’ve got better in recent years, but when I had a disposable income I just couldn’t stop. The poor postman came weighed down with parcels almost daily. I’ve got a lot of strange stuff in the post because I’ve been too lazy to actually go and buy it from a shop. The strangest thing I’ve ever got in the post was this cheese sandwich.

I’m serious. There is now a subscription postal service that delivers cheese toasties to your door. It sounds quite strange. It’s actually genius. Head on over to for more information, or to sign up to receive a weekly or monthly cheese toastie in the post. It costs just £3.99 per week, or less if you opt to pay monthly. You can opt for veggie, gluten and nut free options, and there are even sweet fillings such as chocolate and fruit. Each box includes everything you need, including the bread, cheese, butter, other fillings and a sandwich bag for putting it all in the toaster.

I wasn’t convinced about sending cheese in the post. I was concerned it might be sweaty or horrible by the time it arrived, but it arrived the morning after it was dispatched and I just popped the fillings in the fridge until we were ready for them. The sandwich we received was a cheesy garlic one, which is right up our family street. We’re all a bit hooked on garlic bread here, and little Iris loves anything that contains melted stretchy cheese. Trevor took some persuading, and didn’t believe it’d fit in the toaster in it’s little bag, but once it was all assembled it fit perfectly. Minutes later the house filled with the smell of garlicky melted cheese. Yum!

We ended up sharing one sandwich around all 5 of us as everybody was keen to have a taste. The 10 year old in particular was very eager, and actually she ate most of it. It was very garlicky!  Everybody really enjoyed their share, and we were all left wishing there was more.

I kind of wish I hadn’t finished our Christmas shopping, because a gift subscription would make the most amazing and unusual Christmas present.  I know quite a few cheese lovers who would appreciate it. Plus, who doesn’t love getting weird stuff in the post?

* gifted me this sandwich for the purpose of this review, but all words, pictures and opinions belong to me and the family*


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