Cattle Country 

Way way back in September there was that weekend that was almost a complete disaster. Every little thing went a bit wrong and I was left feeling a bit deflated and crap. It wasn’t all bad though.

Cattle Country is in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. It’s just 15 minutes from my mum’s house so I’m a bit amazed we’ve never thought to go before. While me and Iris were staying with my mum (so that Trevor could finish the decking without Iris under his feet) we decided to finally pay it a visit. My sister and her two little people came along too. It’s always lovely to get the little cousins together for the day. They are all so sweet together.

We arrived around lunch time. After entering through the shop, we found ourselves in an open green space surrounded by play areas. There’s even a water play splash area, but we didn’t have swimming stuff. It was a pretty warm day though, so a few children were in it splashing around. We headed for the wooden play area instead. Iris napped while the other two played, and then when she woke we ate the sandwiches we’d bought along. There may well have been cafe, but I didn’t even notice. There was enough just in the first play area to keep the little ones amused for an hour or so, and they especially enjoyed the swings.

We soon moved on, to a big wooden castle. The ladders were probably designed with older children in mind, but we managed them with the little ones. Once at the top they enjoyed just walking around and around the upper level holding hands and waving at Nanny who was on the ground looking after pushchairs.

We found a big slide that went down the side of a hill and into a different area. We could make out guinea pigs at the bottom.

From there we found loads of animals to wave at, talk to, stroke and even feed. Goats, cows, more Guinea pigs, little ducklings (that Iris adored!), rabbits and loads more. There’s not much my kiddo likes more than farm animals. My mum held a guinea pig and the kids all stroked it, then Iris managed to get herself bitten by a duckling. It can’t have hurt much though, as she poked her fingers straight back in!

We followed the path around the animal trail, which was incredibly difficult with a pushchair and I won’t take it if we go again. It was a nice walk though. Iris would probably do better now, but hadn’t been walking long at the time and it would have taken about 4 years to let her walk it. We were saddened to find that the little train ride we’d heard about was out of action because it had derailed! The  great big bristly-coated pigs more than made up for it though, and we all had fun tickling them.

There were ducks and chickens everywhere! My mum and sister are both quite frightened of birds. Actually they’re terrified. Not Iris or her cousins though!

Although the little ones were still full of energy, the grown ups were exhausted. Thankfully Cattle Country has some pretty good soft play. We took it in turns to go in with the children and made the most of the benches.

After an ice cream in the sun and a trip to the gift shop for toy tractors, we were done for the day. I can’t wait to go back next year!


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