Halloween at Mountain View Ranch @centreadventure

Yes, I know. It was a whole month ago. But it’s been quite a month, and I just haven’t got round to it.

My sister, her fella and my very sweet little niece and nephew drove over the bridge to spend Halloween here in Wales with us. We spent much of the morning at the new outdoor playgroup in the local park, then headed up to Mountain View Ranch in Caerphilly. Again. It’s been a little while since we’ve visited, but it’s one of our favourite local days out. The prices are very reasonable and it’s very outdoorsy. Which is right up our street.

First stop was the cafe, where we scoffed some seriously delicious chilli dogs. The veggie falafel chilli dog was seriously amazing. The kids take so long to eat, and we wanted to get moving to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine. The perfect solution was to borrow one of the carts available and drag the kids around while they munched on their chips.

They had a witch reading ‘Room on the Broom’ which we missed because we were eating, but we arrived at the goat and chicken enclosure just in time for the little ones to go in and meet the animals. Iris adores chickens. She almost didn’t even notice the much bigger goats because she was following a chicken around. My heart breaks for her sometimes when she’s chasing birds. I wish I could explain why they don’t want to play with her. She looks so hurt when they flap and try to get away!

 Next up was the Gruffalo trail. My niece in particular enjoyed the hunt to find all of the characters from the story, getting excited every time she spotted one from a distance. Iris mostly liked the snake, and spent some time hissing at it before we were allowed to move on.

 The fairy forest is one of my favourite bits, and not just because of the big swing! The tiny fairy doors in the tree trunks and the little fairies perched in the branches are just too sweet!

 As usual we spent a long time at the end of the day in the wild west themed play area, which is always a hit with the kids. Most of it is too big and complex for Iris still, but she doesn’t care because the whole area is essentially a giant sand pit!



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