Our week in pictures #3

It’s been a much better week than the last one or two, which is sort of a miracle in itself as me and Iris appear to be taking it in turns to be poorly and it’s mostly poured with rain.

After posting last Friday saying I was ending the week feeling rather ill, I perked up only for Iris to cover herself and the van in vomit several times over on our way across the Brecon Beacons to pick up the girls. After changing her until we ran out of spare clothes, we borrowed some towels from Trevor’s ex-wife and then ended up with a naked-but-happier Iris in Merthyr Tydfil Tesco. Poor biggest kid missed her gymnastics class while we purchased new pyjamas for Iris to wear home and some pizzas for tea.  It had just got too late to cook!

She seemed better on Saturday, but still had diarrhoea so we switched her to disposable nappies and headed back across the beacons to spend an afternoon watching the girls sing carols with their school choir in the pouring rain. Iris was grumpy, but cheered up when Trev found somewhere to buy a sausage bap for them to share. Then we went to the guildhall for arts and crafts, where Iris quite obviously stole a balloon from right under the mayor’s nose. After a quick pit stop at Grandma’s we were back out in the weather, as a school friend of the eldest had been picked to turn on Brecon’s Christmas lights. Apparently this was very important and could not be missed!

Sunday started off with another wonderful outdoor playgroup in the local park. Iris adored making mud pies with her sisters, and got absolutely covered. We also made clay hedgehogs but by then Iris had discovered there were biscuits and we’d lost her focus. A small boy stood on our hedgehog and made him look more like a spider anyway! We headed home to get dry and clean and enjoyed a vegetable stew and a sofa nap, before Trev headed off to drop the girls off.

Monday was pants. We got so drenched walking the dog that we decided not to head back out like we’d planned. (I say ‘we’ but actually Iris quite likes the rain!). Iris spent the afternoon painting pine cones with glitter glue and reading books to herself while I tried to rest as much as possible. I’m so tired!

We managed a long walk around the park on Tuesday, in a break from the rain. For well over an hour we collected twigs, chased birds and waved at joggers. Iris broke into the bowls green and then stepped in a puddle right up to her middle. She instantly fell asleep within seconds of being popped back in her pushchair in some clean dry clothes.

On Wednesday I woke up with blurred vision and had a big panic about it, what with it being a sign of pre-eclampsia. I had a morning antenatal appointment anyway, so there was no need to rush to the hospital or anything. I didn’t even want to get dressed as I felt so dreadful, but I’m glad I did. Everything turned out to be fine, and I was probably just run down. I got a headache later on and was possibly a bit dehydrated. We passed through the park, so collected more pine cones and Iris had a play in the sandpit and a bit of a climb. Then we went to ‘crochet club’ where I did zero crochet because I didn’t feel good, and Iris cooked me a pretend dinner in the toy kitchen.

Yesterday was a better day. Usually we attend a breastfeeding support group on Thursdays but it was cancelled, so instead we had lunch with friends after going back to bed to sleep all morning. Iris had a disaster nap late in the afternoon and was late to bed, but that turned out to be a good thing as she’s barely seen Trevor all week. He’s been working some crazily long hours.

Friday is here again. I like Fridays a lot. The thought of having Trevor home with us for two whole days always makes me feel excited. We don’t have the big kids this weekend and it’s probably our only opportunity to buy their Christmas presents without them around, so that means at least one stressful trip into Cardiff!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!



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