A Letter for Bear. A book review and giveaway.

LetterForBearI was so chuffed when Flying Eye Books offered me this opportunity to review A Letter for Bear by David Lucas, and also to give away two copies to lucky readers! I’ve never done a book review or a giveaway so this is a real first for mousedogbaby!


The book is stunningly beautiful. The illustrations are really something else, with so much detail. I love the colours too. Not the usual bright in-your-face palette of children’s books. Iris mostly wants to read Peppa Pig or a huge Welsh book about animals lately, and frankly I hate both. This is more subtle, yet absolutely gorgeous. We’ve already read it several times, and it’s got me starting to feel festive!


Obviously Iris can’t yet tell me what she thinks. She does have two whole bookcases full of books and can access them whenever she likes, and has pulled out A Letter for Bear several times in the week or so that it’s been here. I can ask the bigger kids though. My stepdaughters are 10 and 7, and when they are staying neither me or Trev are allowed to go near the daily bedtime story. It becomes very much a big sister’s job.


Biggest kid read the book out loud to all of us at the weekend, and was very enthusiastic. She liked how Christmassy the book is. There’s lots of snow and pine trees and wintery weather. It’s not so Chritmassy that you’d need to put it away in January though. The story was a hit. Poor Bear, despite delivering the letters to all of the animals every morning, has never received a letter himself. Pretty sad, huh? Well actually he’s never written one, and it takes some blustery weather and a postal disaster for him to get to know some of the other animals. Mostly big kid liked the illustrations too. She liked them as much as me, commenting on the decorative borders around each page. So pretty!

It’s a hit, and will remain on our little bookcases permanently. I’m looking forward to reading it over and over throughout the Christmas period.

Flying Eye Books have got two copies to give away to two of my blog readers. All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter link below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was sent a free copy of A Letter for Bear for the purpose of this post, but all opinions belong to me and the kids.*


12 thoughts on “A Letter for Bear. A book review and giveaway.

  1. I love this book! We’ve borrowed it from our library the last two Christmases, fingers crossed I’ll win a copy this fine so some other kid can borrow it instead!


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