The day we became sad Stella super fans. 

I live just a few miles away, on the other side of a mountain, from Ferndale. This small town is the home of many of the locations used in Sky One’s ‘Stella’. 

We’ve become a bit addicted to it lately. I started watching series one to pass the time one afternoon when Iris was asleep on me. We’re into series three now and still enjoying it. 

So, as we’re so close by, we decided to use our dog walk one Sunday to find some of the familiar spots from the TV series. 

Yes, we’re a bit sad. I know. 

Finding the house was easy. Not many streets end suddenly with a wall like this one does! My picture is a bit blurry as we passed by quickly. We didn’t want to annoy any of the residents. 

Next we decided to find the bench on the hill that the characters all use when they need some time to reflect. It was not an easy walk! Even if I wasn’t 30 weeks pregnant I still would have struggled, I’m sure. Poor Trev had to carry Iris up there and said his thighs were burning!  

On the TV they often walk the dog up here. Actually, in one episode Stella’s daughter even comes up here with a prom! It’s actually a good drive away to the bottom of this road. It would be a good couple of hours walk! We were disappointed to find that you can’t get to the exact spot as its inside a private farm, and there isn’t even a bench there! 

You can get pretty close though. This yellow grit bin here…

…is this one here.  

 You can see why they chose the spot. The views are really quite amazing! Especially when the Autumn sky is so clear and blue. It was definitely worth the trek! 


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