Our week in pictures #2

Wow, another funny week of doing very little and feeling pretty rotten. It’s getting rather boring now. Even last weekend was quiet, with me and Iris missing our planned family swim because she hadn’t napped. On Sunday we had lunch with Grandma though, and Iris was served a ridiculously large portion of strawberry ice cream.

I had to get out of the house on Monday. Just had to. But it was absolutely freezing so we just took a walk to the swings near our house. Iris never ever gets bored with swings. Tuesday was another day stuck at home, as I was just way too tired. We did painting and sticking instead, but we both still ended up grumpy and frustrated. So on Wednesday, despite feeling like I might fall apart and Iris suddenly having diarrhoea, we went out. Iris seemed excited to be on the bus, and had a fun hour shouting at ducks and trees and tearing around the park. When she nodded off in the pushchair we went to our new local Lidl and snapped up some lovely dolls house furniture. Finally the Christmas shopping is started.

Wednesday night is when the week got really rough though, I couldn’t sleep and started having period like cramps. By morning I was panicking a bit but they eased off eventually. Iris was still poorly though, so we skipped the pottery painting party we were supposed to go to and just stayed home again.

We really need to get out a lot more next week!

Thank goodness it’s Friday. The big kids are here for the weekend again and we’ve actually got some stuff planned. Hooray! Unfortunately I’ve woken up feeling rather poorly and I can’t convince Iris that snuggling in bed is a good way to spend the day.



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