Our week in pictures #1

It’s been another funny week here. We’ve spent lots of it going back to bed to snuggle and watch Peppa Pig, which is fine by me as I’m so tired. I’m not sure what’s making Iris so tired. A growth spurt? A virus? Teething? We’ve only really got out of the house twice all week, once for a much-needed afternoon of fresh air in the park, and once for an afternoon of crochet with some other mums in a local cafe. I’m pleased that we did manage our weekly trip to the library too, although it was brief. I’ve spent much of the second half of the week trying to get the smell of wee out of the sofa, which I’m absolutely furious about! Me and the dog are currently not friends!

I’m glad it’s Friday. I’m looking forward to having Trevor and the big kids here all weekend, so I have some help and Iris has the girls to entertain her. I’m hoping I can squeeze in a lie in. Pregnancy exhaustion is really getting to me!

I’ve still managed to take an unreasonable amount of photographs this week, despite not doing very much, so thought it was still a good week to start a weekly photo post. It’s a been a long time (a year even, maybe?) since I’ve done something similar.



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