I adore this time of year. 

Last year I wrote a big list of stuff I wanted to do during the season, and we did most of it too. This year I can’t. I’m having a baby and chasing a toddler around and trying not to stress about having money worries so close to Christmas. 

My only plan is to be outside. All the time. As much as possible. Because I feel better outside. My sofa is comfy and my house is warm, but resting makes me ache and sitting still makes me feel bored. We’ve all had the sniffles here for weeks now, and I just can’t breathe indoors. Only the fresh air will do. 

I’m feeling anxious. Really quite nervous and worried, but not about anything in particular. Air and walking and watching Iris crunch through the leaves are the perfect medicine. Plus it’s free. Enjoying the wonders of autumn is completely free. 

We do have some plans. A friend of mine is starting an outdoors toddler group, beginning with a session on Halloween weekend. It’s Room on the Broom themed and will be muddy. My sister is bringing my niece and nephew over for it and we’re all very excited. 

The biggest kid turns 10. 

I really want to go to Brecon Mountain Railway for their Christmas thingy. 

There’s a couple of Techniquest toddler days before Christmas. Those are definitely on my maybe list. 

Bristol. I need some more Bristol in my life. I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of visits before I’ve got 2 kids and catching the train is impossible. 

Christmas shopping. I’ll have to find some time and some cash for that, at some point. But not yet. 

Mostly I just want to cherish Iris. I want to do fun things and see how they make her smile. I want to hold her, tickle her, and endlessly sing row row your boat to her (as that seems to make her very happy). Most of our days are spent just us two, me and her. But not for much longer. She won’t remember, I know that. But it still seems so important. I have to fill this short time, the next 12 weeks or so, with love and smiles. 

Then, of course, we’ll be having a baby. In the new year I’ll be a mum to two under two and Iris will be a big sister. There is so much to do before that happens. 



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