25 weeks

I’m 25 weeks now. Nearly 26 actually. By this point in my pregnancy with Iris I was sick of feeling sick, fed up with migraines, and recovering after a hospital stay for a kidney infection that really knocked me out. I had placenta praevia (that was as low lying as that Wikipedia picture) and thought I was having a Caesarian section. It’s fair to say I had had enough. 

I’m pleased to report that things are going much more smoothly this time. 

The consultant sees no reason to see me again for the rest of my pregnancy, and everything is just normal. I feel enormous and already have some SPD (something else that I also had last time) but will be seeing a physiotherapist on Monday. Fingers crossed that it helps. 

I’m just shattered. 

There’s no resting up with a toddler around, and people aren’t constantly urging me not to strain myself. Second pregnancies are a whole new world. I’ve not slowed down at all, still getting out every day for play groups and seeing friends. Iris has been constantly teething and also has a cold, so has been very demanding. I can’t take those long day time naps or spend the day on the sofa reading and knitting. I think it’s a good thing though. Keeping active must be a good thing, however much I may just want to sit on my bottom for a bit. 


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